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Our whole world has come to a stop in 2020 . This instigated a change which will continue to transform the ways we live and communicate and earn our living for years to come. Jobs that were in high demand do no longer exist. Work that was important is no longer available.

Have you found a way to keep food on the table without doing the work you did before?

If you are looking for a chance to earn a good income with honest work in this new online aera then this is YOUR opportunity.


The most important process in affiliate marketing is to select a really good target audience is . The more specific the need or demnd is the greater the conversion rate. Thats why in the very first place you should select your target group.

A super advantage is when you had success or results with a particular disease and therapy. This combo is worth a lot of money. We will outline in our affiliate emails some of these diseases and solutions that will show you best how to tackle each disease with appropriate education and combine it with the correct therapies.

Finding your target audience is a bit of a mission. I compare this part of the process with a treasure hunt. You will run into some problems on the way but believe me the people that need your support and help exist and the best affiliates are those who do not give up until they found their pocket of people.

Always remember. You have something valuable to share which is needed by many. Most of these people have been marketed to and sold into all sorts of scams and false promises. Before they trust you need to convince them. That’s why we always push education first. 


Facebook is great if you have a story to tell. People like to follow those who are brave to try other things that whats the norm. Even if they disagree and criticize, they cant stop observing because an inner voice tells them that there is more than what they know. May be your bravery and openness shows them a new way they might explore as well.

Also remember. There is no such thing as instant conviction. You may be lucky and they hears about PEMF from 20 others and you send the final link to make they buy, but in general you need to do the education work as well.


Affiliate marketing can be frustrating and slow but it can also be super exciting. If you invest a bit of time to learn some of the in’s and out’s than this can be serious money. We have affiliates that get a paycheck mid month of $22K. Not always but with a bit of effort this is worth serious money.
Sabrina and myself used affiliate marketing to finance our 4 years around the world and we lived in relative luxury. We even built up a consisten income stream this way which is still paying bills years later.
There are many free blogs sharing helpful information and some really cool training programs to help you establish financial security for years to come. is one of them.

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