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Are Humans Electromagnetic Beings?

Written by

Deborah Freudenmann BHSc

The concept of humans being electromagnetic has gained prominence in the last few decades. And this concept has given rise to a number of treatments and diagnostic procedures that can bring about remarkable innovation in the field of medicine.

Let us learn what it means to be electromagnetic for humans and how PEMF therapy can use the electromagnetic nature of our body to restore health.

Electromagnetism in the human body: Introduction

The human body is made up of millions and trillions of ions, atoms, and molecules. These ions are nothing but atoms with one or more extra or missing electrons.

When an atom is missing electrons, it gains a positive charge and when an atom has extra electrons it gains a negative charge. So, the major players in creating electrical energy in our body are these ions. This electrical energy allows the cells to be powered by a very low level of voltage. 

Thus, the cells in our body act like miniature batteries or electrical generators. The nervous system uses this electrical energy to create nerve impulses that help to transmit messages from one part to another.

Imbalances in the activities of these ions can lead to dysfunctions in the conduction of the electrical messages thus triggering the development of several disorders. These dysfunctions quickly lead to general body disturbances resulting in the widespread loss of energetic stability within the bio-spiritual field of our body.
For example, the dysfunctions related to the conduction of the electrical messages can hamper the internal messaging mechanisms between the cells thus blocking the conduction of messages from the brain to the other parts of the body. 

The use of therapies that induce electromagnetic stimulation can restore the electromagnetic bio-communication between the cells and prevent the development of disease linked to the loss of efficient nerve conduction.

How does the body create and use electromagnetic fields?

The electrical activities in the body primarily occur in the cell membranes. The cell membrane helps to maintain an appropriate voltage or “charge”. The healthy cells have a transmembrane potential of 80 to 100 millivolts. This charge causes the cells to vibrate at a specific frequency.

Lifestyle factors like exposure to toxins, low oxygenation, lack of adequate physical movements, sound pollution, dehydration, and nutritional deficiencies can influence the magnetic fields in the body at the cellular level due to which the frequency of vibration of cells is affected.

This can cause immense damage to the tissues putting you at risk of inflammation, oxidative stress, cancerous changes, autoimmunity, and much more.

For example; the cancer cells have a transmembrane potential of just 20 or 25 millivolts. When these cells are damaged, the voltage of the cell membrane drops. As a result, the voltage inside the cell increases due to which the functions of the cell organelles like mitochondria and nucleus are affected. This causes the cells to continue to divide in an uncontrollable manner leading to the spread and growth of cancer mass.

Also, when the membrane voltage becomes low, the membrane channels can not function efficiently. This can trigger a domino effect that contributes to the development and progress of diseases.

Use of Electromagnetic fields for therapeutic purposes

The discovery of the presence of electromagnetic fields in the human body has led to the development of diagnostic procedures like X-rays. X-rays use the electromagnetic fields having a lower frequency to identify broken bones or the items trapped in the skin.

Magnetic therapies such as PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) also stimulate the electromagnetic fields in the body and encourage the healing processes as explained below.

How does PEMF therapy help in the healing?

PEMF therapy basically works by supporting the natural magnetic fields in the body. PEMF is a non-invasive form of magnetic healing treatment that boosts the body’s healing processes.

The therapy uses the low-level bursts of electromagnetic radiation to accelerate healing, reduce pain, improve sleep habits, relieve the symptoms of depression, and improve blood circulation. 

This magnetic energy creates waves that work with the body’s natural magnetic fields and influence the movements of ions and electrolytes. This effect helps by modifying the electrical charge at the cellular level and thus, restores normal cellular metabolism.

PEMF therapy can also realign the electrical charge in the cells. Once the cell is stimulated, the positively charged ions are allowed to enter it, causing the inside of the cell to become positively charged. This effect triggers other electrical currents in the cells turning them into pulses.

The pulses, thus generated, can influence movements and signaling mechanisms in a positive way thus promoting healing.

Benefits of PEMF therapy

The pulses released by the PEMF devices pass through the body in a safe and painless manner, stimulating the cells and tissues. This would improve blood circulation, normalize the chemical balance in the cells, and encourage natural healing mechanisms even in the fractured bones. 

PEMF therapy can help the body repair the damaged tissue, reduce swelling and pain, and even improve the absorption of nutrients. It would help combat stress and boost the immune system. 

Some other benefits of PEMF therapy include:

  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Stimulates and recharges the cells
  • Corrects cellular dysfunctions
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Supports faster recovery from an injury

Effect of PEMF therapy and electromagnetic fields on the body’s hydration

Ionic compounds dissolved in the fluids of the body create cell salts. These compounds exist as crystals instead of molecules. The ionic bonds help in the formation of salts that give strength to the tissues by increasing cellular integrity.

Each ion has its own unique properties that enable it to perform specific functions and movements. Ionic compounds tend to break down when dissolved in water forming electrolytes. Electrolytes are strongly conductive in nature and perform several important functions in the body such as:

  • Maintaining hydration
  • Generating nerve impulses essential for muscle movements
  • Maintenance of the pH level in the blood
  • Transportation of nutrients to the cells
  • Supporting mental functioning by strengthening neural networks
  • Building foundation for the enzymatic activities
  • Converting calories into a usable source of energy


The imbalances in the electromagnetic fields in the body would affect the activities of the ionic compounds in the cells due to which these functions are hampered. This marks the role of PEMF therapy for generating normal electromagnetic fields at the cellular level.


PEMF therapies offer a safe and effective way to restore the balance of electromagnetic fields in our body. Based on the concept of humans as electromagnetic beings, this therapy can help in the management of several symptoms and conditions including joint pains, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and much more.

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