Do You Suffer From Candida?

The overgrowth of Candida in the gut can lead to serious consequences as these fungi have the ability to burrow holes in the walls of the intestine and enter the bloodstream causing widespread damage. This can allow the yeast to grow, proliferate, and dominate some parts of the body.
Thus, appropriate lifestyle measures must be adopted to heal Candida infection and restore balance in the body’s internal ecosystem…

What Are The Causes Of Infertility In Men And Women?

Many couples eagerly look forward to the day when they can welcome a new baby to their family. Unfortunately, putting a “bun in the oven” is becoming more and more difficult for couples around the world.
Over the past several decades, infertility rates have risen as reproductive health issues become more common. In fact, it is estimated that at least 10% of women struggle to get or stay pregnant.
Why are modern couples struggling to grow their families?

Surgery, Wound Healing & Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most critical factors that play a role in the recovery of patients following surgeries, especially those performed for the management of cancer. The process of wound healing after surgery and the faster recovery from cancer is dependent on the amount of vital nutrients that the body receives.

Dr. Rau – MCS – Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome

Unclear and Non-Definable Diseases (often called « NDD ») tremendously increase in frequency, nearly worldwide. Many ailments are non-definable, therefore these health problems are not recognized by orthodox medicine. But still, they are serious diseases, examples are:

“Irritable bowel syndrome”
“autonomic dysfunction syndrome”
“Infection susceptibility syndrome”
Chronic fatigue syndrome
MCS (= Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome”)
“Leaky gut syndrome”
Fibromyalgia syndrome – and many others.
Mast cell activation syndrome / Histamin sensitivity
EMF sensitivity syndrome (oversensitivity to electromagnetic exposures – very often in combination with MCS!


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The Importance of B Vitamins

B vitamins form a major group of nutrients that your body needs to perform various functions. These nutrients play a critical role in maintaining metabolic and physiological functions and also help to strengthen the body’s structural integrity.
The deficiency of B vitamins can result in a number of symptoms related to the functioning of different organs and systems. So, if you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, memory problems, weakness, fatigue, concentration issues, skin complaints or other chronic symptoms then B vitamins might be playing a role.

What are the Most Common Root Causes of Eczema?

Skin conditions are a common issue affecting millions of people worldwide. Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis is known to cause recurring symptoms like dry skin, itching, redness, and rashes. The treatment of eczema is often aimed at relieving these symptoms. However, since it is a chronic condition, there is a need to identify its root causes and eliminate them in order to derive long-term relief. Here is a brief discussion about what eczema is and the common underlying factors responsible for it.

Why is Diet So Individual?

This is a question I hear on the daily, “What diet do you recommend?”
Do you find yourself jumping on the latest diet bandwagon, just to end up disappointed when it doesn’t work miracles for you? Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by the endless diet trends that you haven’t been able to stick to anything for long.
We’re all human, shouldn’t we all thrive on the same diet? While fueling our bodies seems like it should be simple, that’s not the case. In fact, what’s considered “healthy food” is not always “healthy” for everyone.

Identifying The Root Causes of Mood Disorders & Depression

Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 264 million people affected. In 2020 and now 2021, as we deal with the pandemic, racial injustice, loss of income, heightened stress levels and uncertainty, those numbers just keep going up. According to a study from September 2020, the prevalence of depression symptoms in the US was more than 3-fold higher during the pandemic compared to prior COVID. Specifically, individuals with lower social resources, lower economic resources (lockdowns), and greater exposure to stressors reported a greater burden of depression symptoms.

How To Support Your Built-In Defence System?

We live in a microbial world, which means that we constantly encounter microorganisms that could harm our health. The immune system forms the body’s entire department of defence. With so much fear in the world surrounding microbes, the goal of this article is to regain some trust and respect for the incredible job our body does each and every day. Once we know how the immune system works, we can then address some of the causes of a poor immune system as well as take a few natural supplements!