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“Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to truly heal your body, your life and the world”

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Understanding how you can heal yourself from almost every disease is key in a world where health has become a business and a billion $$$$ revenue of large corporations. 

Are you prepared for what’s to come? 

If you value your health and that of your clients and loved ones then this is the single most important education you can sign up for. 

“Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to truly heal your body, your life and the world”

What if you could…

cancer is curable now

Begin an exciting and rewarding career as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and help your clients live a healthier
and more fulfilled life.

We have a global pandemic of chronic disease!

Statistics listed from CDC, Centre of Disease Control and Prevention & WHO, World Health Organization 

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You Are Needed Now
More Than Ever!

Individuals afflicted with chronic illnesses are becoming more and more desperate for answers. We continue to see an innumerable amount of clinicians focus only on symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of the symptoms, or the individual as a whole. 

When it comes to chronic disease, a symptomatic approach is simply ineffective. Though we all primarily have the same organs and glands, we each have a unique operation manual due to the cumulative life experiences and exposures we’ve had—an intricately knit web of genetics, history and choices. 

Not one chronic disease is developed because of ONE root cause. There are just too many compound factors that lead to the expression of disease. Our current medical system is unequipped to manage the ever increasing amount of chronic disease and their causes. That’s why we need you!

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Greg Barsten, Chiropractor

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

I have been involved in Functional Medicine for 28 years and I am most pleasantly surprised at the cohesiveness and comprehensiveness of this course. I have not seen such a program anywhere else. This is something that has the potential to become huge and that’s an understatement. I am over the top excited and cannot recommended this course more highly to anyone who is interested in improving their own health, anyone who wants to start a career as a health coach, or current health professionals.

Free Functional Medicine Training

To show you how a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach approaches every client individually, we have put together a free training for you, which outlines 6 of the 64 chapters you will become familiar with. Being a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach means to be a powerful detective who finds all possible causes of disease and knows how to resolve each and everyone of them.  Even if you just apply what you learn in these 6 videos you will be miles ahead of your trade

Chronic diseases are on the rise. The question is, why?

We live in an environment that perpetuates disease manifestation.

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Our current health system constantly leaves people saying….

  • I left the appointment with unanswered questions

  • I walked out of the 15-minute consult and felt like my voice wasn’t heard

  • I have no understanding as to why I have this disease

  • My thoughts and opinions in the consult were shut down and disregarded

  • I felt so lost and didn’t understand the medical terminology

  • I left with a prescription and it just didn’t feel right

  • I felt very intimidated 

  • I wanted advice about my diet and lifestyle but it wasn’t acknowledged

You may have never experienced this yourself, however it is a lot more common than you think. And we have the power to change this! 

Fifteen minutes with any practitioner isn’t long enough to put sustainable changes in place to support the healing or prevention of chronic illness. 

To truly heal chronic disease, it is imperative that health care allows for a supportive and comprehensive system.

We need people that can dig deeper to find the underlying causes of disease and provide support and understanding to help clients make lasting changes to their health.

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We Need
Health Coaches.
We Need You!

Jason Gilbert, Chiropractor

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

I can sincerely say that I am 100% satisfied with the course work I have studied and the way it is presented. I feel well rounded and totally prepared to start coaching people towards heath by focusing on the fundamentals of health and not just the effects of lack of health (symptoms and disease). TRULY HEAL teaches a system whereby the coach can tick every box and know that their client is receiving the most comprehensive assessment on the causes of lack of health, plus offer important strategies of how to obtain wellbeing. I can’t recommend this course highly enough and would encourage anyone, whether they be practicing health professionals, people with an interest in health, or those wanting to make a change in this increasingly sick and symptomatic world, to dive in. They will learn how this course can not only change their own life, but equally as important, anyone whose life will be touched by a future TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach. 



become a health coach with wellness certification online

Travelling the world for several years, founders, Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann, visited and learned from over one hundred of the world’s leading clinics, doctors and specialists. 

The knowledge and wisdom of 85 top leading experts from all around the world have added decades of insights to our coaching course. 

Furthermore, our collective 30 years of clinical experience and dedicated 15 years of research and education provides a comprehensive, systemic and scientific approach.

There is no other Functional Medicine Health Coaching program on the market that covers so much ground in such a comprehensive manner. 

While visiting so many clinicians, doctors and specialist it became obvious that each practitioner had unique strengths but also blind spots. Some focused on gut health, toxins, or infectious diseases while others focused more on the mind and emotions. We seldom found a clinic which addressed all possible causes of disease. However, those that did, had far greater success with their clients. We learned that in order to truly heal you need to understand the client’s medical history, the timeline of symptoms, their internal and external environment to find all the possible underlying causes of disease.

Download the Brochure & Syllabus

Interested in learning more?

Find out about the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coaching program and receive our in-depth syllabus and brochure. You will also get access to our six videos and learn how a TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach approaches and views disease.

Together let’s bridge the gap between disease and true health.

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Find & Remove The Cause

The more clinics we visited and the more doctors we interviewed, it became evident that ignoring any underlying cause of disease would greatly affect how the client recovered. Regardless of whether that cause was a nutritional deficiency, a complex chemical toxicity within the body, or an underlying emotional stress. 

One of our previous clients, a young women named Anna, had travelled to see us and responded very well to the treatments she was receiving. However, when she arrived back home all of her problems flared up again and her health began deteriorating. Upon returning to the clinic, her symptoms began reversing and she felt much better again. With a little investigation it was discovered that she had previously had a small water leak which resulted in a mould build up behind the tapestry in her home. Leaving this environment allowed her body to start recovering and also explained the rapid regression of health when she arrived home.

Another client, Trish, had been adhering to her protocol over a period of several months. She did everything right from treatments, supplementation, lifestyle changes, detoxification, overseas clinic visits, a healthy diet and much more. Nevertheless, these treatments failed to reflect on the state of her degenerative disease. The missing link with her case had been the mental and emotional aspects. It wasn’t until she dealt with past and current relationships and traumas in her life that healing was possible.

Healing disease often relates to removing the disturbing factors of health such as reducing the toxic load inside our houses, addressing stress levels, infections and inflammation, reducing unhealthy foods, healing toxic relationships, addressing unconscious emotional states and trauma, and more. 

Being a health coach means being a detective with a wide understanding of all the dangers your clients may be exposed to. You need to know what they don’t know in order to protect and help them. 

Never Forget What Could Make The Difference

Finding the root cause of disease may feel daunting which is why we created this structured info-map to help our health coaches. This map will ensure you don’t get distracted with presenting symptoms or complaints. Our info-map / mobile app will assist you in understanding your client’s underlying causes of disease, analyzing symptoms, and knowing the relevant nutrients to discuss. It also provide you access to scientific research at any given moment.


Body, Mind, Spirit + Lifestyle

The next fundamental factor we discovered along the way is how intricate and complex some disease states can be. It is very easy to get lost or forget important factors that contribute to health or disease without a structure. This developed our approach and philosophy of viewing our clients through 4 main system.

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The Physical Body

In the physical body you view potential deficiencies, infections, toxicity, inflammation and imbalances that cause disease, prevent healing and drain energy from the body. We have outlined all body functions in an easy to understand manner. You gain a deeper understanding of how to assess a client’s history, detect symptoms, see the connection to body systems and recognize the associated problems that can trigger disease. You learn which tests are relevant and where your clients can order the test.

The Vital Body

In the vital system we concentrate on daily habits, what, when and where your clients sleep, and what they believe to be healthy. These are all important habits that will affect the wellbeing of the entire system. The vital system is all about awareness of your client’s lifestyle and the impact their choices have on their health. Diet alone can be a huge factor contributing to your client’s disease, but it is never that alone. We ask questions such as how is the food digested and transformed into energy? How does the digestive system deal with proteins, fats, fibre, raw or cooked foods? Does the client have a food sensitivity? Do they feel energized after a meal or does he/she have an energy slump? In the vital system we investigate the lifestyle and habits of a client, and so much more.

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The Mental Body

The mental body demands focus on any actions which are powered by emotions and thoughts. You evaluate your client’s fear, worry, frustrations and stressors. You learn how to empower and motivate your clients to take their health back into their own hands. There are many mental factors which can prevent your clients from taking action or even trigger self-sabotage. All of our systems need to work together for health, however the empowerment and willingness to act and change is a fundamental part of true healing.

The Spiritual Body

The spiritual system is the culmination of all the other bodies with a focus on the client’s passion, core beliefs, life purpose and reasons to live. This spiritual evaluation is often the very first step when working with a new client. It encompasses the client’s ability to step back and examine their current position and state in all areas, and make informed decisions on how to move forwards

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Mental Evaluation

Trauma, Shock, Fear, Anger, Resentment,ent, Worry, Frustration, Jealousy, Self talk, Stress

Vital Evaluation

Lifestyle habits, Drinking, Eating, Sleeping, Exercise habits, as well as Environmental Lifestyle

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Spiritual Evaluation

Life purpose, Passion, Reason to Live, Spiritual Believes, Core Believes

Physical Evaluation

Check Functionality of all Body Systems, Deficiencies, Infections, Toxicity and Imbalances

One of the most valuable parts in any disease evaluation is the connection of all the different causes, to see how they influence each other. You will learn how a simple deficiency (blue) can cause fatigue or even depression (red). You will learn how a feeling of inadequacy (yellow) can influence eating, drinking or sleeping habits (green). 

As a result, this may have physical effects like insulin spikes (blue) which over the course of many years can promote cancer growth. In short you will learn how all contributing factors combine to create a series of events which lead to disease. This connective observation outlines the path to true healing.

Client Review about trulyheal

Leigh Surgeoner

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

Thank you Marcus and Sabrina for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to research and learn through your Truly Heal Coaching Course. You have both done a huge service to everyone by compiling all the information and supports regarding holistic healing. Thank you for all that you both have done

There are millions of people in this world who need your passion, dedication and professional guidance to coach them to better health. The health problems we see today are only the beginning as these staggering numbers increase each year. There has never been a more important time to raise the consciousness and awareness of the health risks which surround us, and lead the change for a brighter future.

Is Health Coaching The Right Choice For Me?

Consider these questions.

health coach training program online

As a TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach you can make a huge impact.

As a TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach you empower and motivate your clients while keeping them accountable. A great health coach is someone who knows how to be present, who listens and then provides a holistic comprehensive approach towards regaining true health. Start your most exciting career as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and help your clients live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Nina Nohejlova

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

The knowledge that I gathered in this course is very hard to find in any one place elsewhere. I really enjoyed that they didn’t miss one single topic of what I thought was important. They covered all topics in-depth. The guidance throughout the course and supervision from my teacher Sabrina was excellent. I got honest and very personal feedback. When I flunked the topic, I was forced to redo it. Many experiences like this gave me confidence that this is a course that is aimed at really teaching you. I knew for certain that somebody has read my homework, thought about it and commented. My questions were always answered.

Client Review about trulyheal
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Download the Brochure & Syllabus

Interested in learning more?

Find out about the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coaching program and receive our in-depth syllabus and brochure. You will also get access to our six videos and learn how a TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach approaches and views disease.

Together let’s bridge the gap between disease and true health.

Join Us Today

“What You Get”


Instant Access

Once you have joined, you receive an email with login details that provide you with immediate access to the online course material, slides, info-maps, graphs and videos.

2 Years To Complete The Course

You have up to 2 years to complete the course from the date of enrolment, however as a self-paced online course it can be completed in as little as 5 months.

Lifetime Access To The Course Material

Course materials are constantly updated with new and validated research, treatments, therapies, insights and experiences.

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Personal Health Coaching Mentor TRULY HEAL

Personal Mentor

Working With A Mentor

All assessments and assignments are manually corrected. We provide each and every student with feedback, encouragement, hints and tips for improvements. You will have direct access to your teachers via email for any questions or enquires during the course.

We Are Here To Help You Succeed

Our certified health professionals will work with you to achieve a solid understanding of the materials. This will ensure that you feel confident and ready to tackle even the most complicated cases.There is no need to be afraid of failing. Our teachers are here to help you succeed and ensure you graduate with confidence in your new skills and knowledge.


Client Management

Instead of papers, sticky notes, or a drawer full of files, you’ll have all your information in one place.

Note taking

To show respect and value a client’s time you don't want to search through notes and paperwork to find what you did last time. The app allows you to access all your latest notes, observations, links and reports with a click of a button.

flags and priorities

While working with a client we can flag urgent matters that need to be addressed. This ensures that no matter how overwhelming a case may be you have identified the areas of greatest priority and are able to return back to them easily.

Research and resources

Every test, treatment, supplement, remedy and therapy is listed with research and links to references. Just this part of the TRULY HEAL APP is worth its weight in gold.

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sample of original certificate by trulyheal


Acreditation With IICT

After you complete your final exam you will receive your Functional Medicine Health Coach Certificate which allows you to become a member of the International Institute for Complementary Medicine.


Get public liability, work indemnity, and product indemnity insurance with the IICT.

World Wide Coverage

IICT accreditation is available in more than 30 countries and gives you the protection you need to work in the health industry.

Become a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach


Acreditation with CPD points

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

TRULYHEAL-functional medicine certification programs

Business Training

Business Coaching

With this business coaching module you will gain valuable insights and knowledge for how to set up your business, how to structure sales, marketing specifics, and tips on advertising and positioning yourself as an expert.

And More

Waivers and Disclaimers

To keep you safe we have provided disclaimer forms for your clients to sign before you show them a treatment. This way you can make sure they have been informed of all safety protocols, contraindications and side effects.

Product training

To help you achieve best results with your clients you will have access to our unique training for each of the therapies. These are the o3 Academy, Hyperthermia Academy and PEMF Academy.

Product discounts

With your certification you will receive a personal wholesale coupon code which offers a 20% - 30% discount based on volume of sales. This allows you to purchase your own devices, showcase a product and conduct trainings, or sell products to clients.

product training by trulyheal

Speak With Deborah About The Coaching Program

Do you have any questions about the coaching program? Please give Deborah a call, send a text message or email. Calls are redirected to Australia, if she is not available please leave a message or text. Deborah will get back to you. 


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