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The TRULYHEAL APP is exclusively available to our Functional Medicine Health Coaches. This training will outline how the APP is used and what treasures of information it contains. The TRULY HEAL APP is the culmination of years of research and experience at your fingertips. 

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Functional medicine examines the biological and functional aspects of a person’s being from their birth to the present time in order to find and remove all compiling root causes of disease. This process can take a long time as all the different systems of the body must be examined, tested and observed. If you also add all lifestyle factors, habits and emotional or psychological aspects this task can be overwhelming.

This functional medicine training is to help you understand how these seemingly huge tasks can be simplified, sorted and structured to ensure that the overview never slips out of your grasp.

In the last video we learnt the importance of a questionnaire, how it lays down a baseline understanding of a patients health status. That without this comprehensive understanding we will always be treating individual aspects of a patients being and never be able to fully understand their underlying factors of disease.


The TRULY HEAL APP makes it easy to fund the common denominator.

In this video the importance of a thorough timeline is established. With it we investigate the predisposing and indicating factors of events. We place events into a chronological order and thereby begin to understand the progression of events and the underlying core of imbalances. This enables us to target treatment in a much more precise manor. We are able to distinguish an order of priority and create even more order out of a patients chaos.

Understanding how to structure and interpret a timeline is one of the major a practitioner must be competent in to understand and treat with a functional medicine approach. With this knowledge you are able to plan a much more targeted treatments and thereby get much more groundbreaking results, working on a patients core underlying issues and not merely their symptoms.


Everything you need in one APP


The TRULY HEAL functional medicine app  works with any device.  All you need is a browser to log into your SSL 24 bit encrypted database . Access your clients from anywhere in the world and from any device.  


Use the TRULY HEAL functional medicine app to book and manage all your appointments. Create patient profiles with ease, add pictures for identification and use the calendar to schedule your time. If you use a patient booking system the calendar function can easily be turned off in the settings.


The TRULY HEAL APP offers a comprehensive note taking tool to organise and manage your case files, pathology results and treatment observations. Filters allow you to conveniently and efficiently navigate through your notes immediately seeing the key points. No more searching through piles of paperwork, looking for test results, notes and recommendations, the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP will do the hard work for you.


The TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine APP includes a comprehensive database of symptoms, causes, tests and treatments to support the functional understanding of a patient. Sorted for convenience the database is easy to navigate and constantly evolving. By following the systematic database protocol you can be sure that no rock is left un-turned, no avenue of treatment hasn’t been explored and your successful outcome is assured.  


Trulyheal Course DVD

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