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To show you how a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach approaches every client individually, we have put together a free training for you, which outlines 6 of the 64 chapters you will become familiar with. Being a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach means to be a powerful detective who finds all possible causes of disease and knows how to resolve each and everyone of them.  Even if you just apply what you learn in these 6 videos you will be miles ahead of your trade

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  1. WOW. i have serious stress related problems and adrenal fatigue and I am a vegan. how can i test my deficiencies.

    1. I would seek help from a nutritionist or naturopath who can guide you and order relevant tests. Overcoming chronic fatigue is quite easy when you give the body what it needs. Adrenals are slow to recover and need gentle care but they also need the right nutrition and supplementation. Doing this on your own is not advisable. And hoping it gets better over time is an illusion. You need to be proactive in your recovery.

  2. What did you do against your mercury toxicity? I have the same problem with chronic inflammation with erratic diarrhea right after food intake, plenty sensitivities + allergies plus I bloat like a balloon when I once in a blue moon eat out. It’s not funny. I have tried almost every diet you mention but have not been able to fix anything. To the contrary. It gets worse every year.

    1. When my mercury was removed it went to the brain and gut. I developed food sensitivities, allergies, asthma and skin eczema. I could no longer read and write and had to be taken out of school. So never underestimate the toxicity of mercury.

      Not knowing what had caused the breakdown was problem No 1. No one could explain what happened and the link to the dentist was just not made.

      Problem No 2 was that chelation is very expensive. I think I had 20 chelation treatments before we could see a shift. Then a long process of detox started which did not do a lot.

      Only when we added PEMF to the detox protocol and massive liver support did the real load go down. Dr. Garry Gordon did point me towards PEMF and am eternally grateful for that. Since using PEMF with binders, oral chelators and regular sauna have my values come back into the green. That’s why I love these treatments.

      Now using ozone to heal the gut and repair the membrane Brough the second shift. I have hardly any sensitivities left and lost a lot of weight. I feel very energetic and my old self again. Dietwise I need to eat all cooked. Raw does not work and high fat does not work either.

      1. So for us ladies with breast implant illness from the exposure to all the toxic heavy metals these bags are made of, what should we do first?

        1. A doctor once told me an analogy. In care your appendix is inflamed and filled with toxins, would you leave it inside the body? No. You cut it out. The same is true for breast implants. We have many cancer patients who have breast implants causing the problems you have described. The only real option is to take them out, heal the infected area with ozone and then detoxify intensely. The BlackBox is ideal for the detox as if covers all the different toxins your bags leech into the body. Then share what you experienced with as many people as you can before they make the same mistake. This way you can help prevent, which is the best cure.

  3. Marcus, you are an inspiring and excellent teacher. I am not in the professional field although I have been studying nutrition for 40 years. It is a big interest of mine. Your experience and knowledge has brought everything together where it is easy to understand. I wish every functional health practitioner will take your course. I have an Ozone machine and I believe in TrueRife frequency treatments as well. Thank you for helping all of us !

  4. Dear Sir I love what you have put together already so far. You talk my language and all is explanatory and down right commence for those that still have some left and understand the functioning of the body. The diet program I love as well; and again the fact that we should treat the patient and not the disease as that is absolutely most important of all treatments. I am still busy with Lifestyle Prescription training that will take me through to middle of 2019. Once I am done with that I would consider and be interested in your training coarse. So to save you a call to me lets let it stand over until next year. Thank you so much again for sharing your knowledge and expertise on healing with Functional Medicine. May God bless you in the work you do in abundance. Until we speak again next year some time. I will make contact with you then and keep on following your recommendations as per your emails. Thank you in advance
    Chris Botha

  5. I am on high fat, one meal a day, ketogenic diet. (see Dr. Berg and Dr. Fung) Great results. Feeling good and lost a lot of weight. Recommend this diet to be considered by everyone. I have no disagreements with the video. Thank you.

    1. I read the book and tried the diet for 6 months supplemented with bile salts, digestive enzymes and lipase and still could not handle the fat. Everyone has a different fat metabolism and DNA impairments which can make the breakdown of fat very hard. So if it works for you great. Congratulations. Just don’t expect it to work for everyone.

  6. I am wondering if Marcus has investigated the product formulated by Dr Zack Bush called “Restore for Life” that claims to help heal leaky gut.

    1. Yes I have and if you want some I still have 20 bottles in my cupboard. I am selling them for 1/4 price. :-)

      I was so hoping after the talk in Salt Lake City that this would be the big breakthrough and ordered for me and 20 of our clients each a box. I thought if I could proof that it works I could become a AU distributor. Not a single person in my group had any results and not one could show any improvements in the leaky gut test.

      Yet another well presented product with stunning arguments that fails to deliver on it’s promise. Thinking back from what I know today it was quite obvious that I just hoped for a shortcut.

      1. I have had several clients report improvement using both the sinus spray and the oral product. Some reported significantly reduced seasonal allergies with regular use of the sinus spray. Personally, I am very susceptible to infection after a flight but since using Restore, I have been resilient. I like the science a lot too but the anecdotal evidence even more.

  7. Thanks for this Marcus, as a Functional Health and Wellness consultant I have worked this way for many years and it works but many clients don’t want to believe you as all the gurus want to push their programs and Dr Google supports them.

    1. The good thing is that we all have to learn the hard way. Once enough hardship has been experienced and they are still stuck with their problems after spending a small fortune they will be ready to hear the truth. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t point fingers. I have been there most of my life. It’s just when you see the light you can’t go back into blissful ignorance.

  8. This was great! I am on track with most of what you are saying about treating the person, not the disease and realizing every person is unique and will need a different food plan to be effective. However, what you said here filled in some gaps in understanding I have been tossing around for a very long time and very much needed to know.
    Frankly, having a very busy life personally and as a practitioner, I usually just listen to such presentations while I attend to other things, but I found myself riveted and taking in all you shared with complete attention and interest. Thank you immensely Marcus, for your dedication, energy, integrity, candour, common sense and warmth… and so much more. Compelling viewing! :)

  9. It’s amazing and how much information you can pool from these tests and make an accurate diagnosis instead of fumbling around thank you for making difference with this problem in the medical field

  10. Great videos! Awesome information. Couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. I, personally don’t like referring to DNA when it comes to healing, just negates the whole placebo effect. Enucleation of the cell where the Genes are located doesn’t affect the cell’s “bodily” function. The environment has a profound effect on the other hand, so ultimately dwelling on our genetic signature can hinder the healing. We are so much more than our genes.
    I know Your focus in this video was on the diet and the information you’ve provided was priceless ????

  11. thanks for your videos, this is what i teach in the clinic, finding out the reason for the disease, i begin at the cell receptor, membrane etc, when i clean the cell up i get good results;
    You talk about proinflammatory foods, you didnt mention animal products, they are some of the highest pro inflammatory foods producing protaglandin #2
    also coffee, alcohol, chocolate, theobromine etc. what do you think?

  12. The approach at attaining true health for individuals is explained in a logical way that is so easy to follow! I watch every lesson a couple times, take notes, and then I can’t wait for the next one!

  13. I had a scholarship (1970) to study medicine but after one yr I quit because I wanted to do what Marcus is doing now and not treat the symptoms. I was in the normal conventional medicine school but ALSO wanted to do Ayurvedic medicine which deals more with the cause in an Indian nutrition/body/mind environment. No institute at the time would take up a graduate from the conflicting school of medicine but I wanted to do both. That is why I quit.

    Why am I writing this? BECAUSE Marcus is making me feel so bad by making this fantastic medical practice available now. After 1 yr at medicine I did 2 yrs of engineering and quit, 1.5 yrs of architecture and quit, then graduated in physics, maths and education. You see after all these things Marcus throws Functional Medicine in my way when I am past retiring age …he he he…..BTW excellent presentation Marcus :)


    1. I do well on Kefir. It seem that the fermentation process breaks down the dairy so it no longer causes inflammation.

  15. Many thanks for so informative video. I am 60 yrs old and having chronic fatigue and low energy levels. Your video is giving me hope to over come this problem and request your advise to get the treatment.
    Awaiting your response.

  16. Hi Marcus, I was a chef before becoming an internist. Currently I do kinesiology, acupuncture, and functional medicine. We offer PEMF, IV therapies including ozone and vitamin c. I will add hypertherapy this autumn. I followed Dr Gonzalez and Dr Kelly’s work on nutrition which is similar to your message. I would really like to go through your training program. I want to offer effective programs that are most cost effective for the patient. Let me know. Sincerely, Dan

  17. First of all my deepest gratitude. I am both interested in going through your program and finding a practitioner how has studied under you and employs your methods. I am in Oregon and at this moment physically travel is not an option. Again thank you.

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