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To show you how a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach approaches every client individually, we have put together a free training for you, which outlines 6 of the 64 chapters you will become familiar with. Being a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach means to be a powerful detective who finds all possible causes of disease and knows how to resolve each and everyone of them.  Even if you just apply what you learn in these 6 videos you will be miles ahead of your trade

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  1. I have been diagnosed with mold 1 year ago. It’s giving me hell. All the problems on your list plus some. Especially when I took herbs. The detox made me sick so that I could not continue. I will do some research into Ozone as you say. A short google search showed that ozone kills mold and is super effective. If I do it log enough and keep at it this may be a solution for good. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Marcus, I’m a three year cancer survivor in remission. I’ve been doing ozone, coffee enemas along with a total lifestyle change with much success. I’ve been sharing my story and research with other cancer patients and believe that it’s been making a difference in their lives. I am very passionate about learning more and helping others and I’m interested doing your functional medicine coaching course because it resonates with a lot of my personal experiences. Please provide more details about how to register and the cost etc.

        1. Hello Fabian, Thank you for reaching out to us – what an incredible journey you’ve been on. It is such a beautiful thing to see, that although a diagnosis of cancer (or death of a loved one) can be one of the deepest pains and challenges yet can birth the most amazing passion and determination. I have sent you an email in regards to the Functional Medicine Health Coaching course. Thanks, Deborah

  2. Marcus this is excellent info. I have studied detoxification for a long time and your video is cutting edge and as usual explained much simpler. If only all experts would cut to the chase. I really believe your greatest strength is to make medicine accessible to all.

  3. Hello Marcus! I am in deap shit love! I am going down fast! I think you will remember me! I bought your infrared ultralight in Perth a few years ago! I have learnt a lot but forget so much! I would love your advice! 11th year with Multiple Myeloma! With love Kari-Mette Taylor please call I am happy to pay!

  4. Your video is very good, but I missed being able to read the Power Point slides full screen as you did in the previous videos. Please provide us access to these or a better view of them. I also feel a bit rushed in watching this video, you miss getting some important points across because of the way you quickly state things here in passing without being more careful to present them. Yes, much is said and well presented, but some important points are quickly stated in this video without proper emphasis to take them in. I have to admit that what you said in this video is rather scary. This explains why so many of us try and still have problems with detoxing. My big concern is how to do it and help others do it when finances and access to testing and supplements and IV’s etc. are limited, especially in countries outside the United States and Europe. Coaching is a must and it is essential to be successful. We definitely need your help and I am very concerned as to how to be effective if I lack the resources and places to get proper testing done. Obviously one-on-one access to help will be needed in this to be effective and successful. What you have done is invaluable and very needed to succeed and I look forward to your help in enabling us in this process.

    1. Hello Alan I know this video does not cover enough to treat others. There is so much to know that it is impossible to pack it all into such a short video. I have probably just covered 20%. The problem is that everything is interlinked. It takes the process we have developed to help you see the whole picture. Just adding more details leaves you in the end also helpless. What I try to demonstrate with such a video is that medicine has so much to offer if we care to look with open eyes and not just recommend something we have heard about.

  5. Marcus can you please call me. I sent in my form and don’t want to miss this intake. This is top information! I want to be part of your inner circle.

  6. So many people believe a monthly detox is the answer to health. It is so much deeper. Thank you for giving an overview of how important it is to know the source and depth of the problem, and offer testing, intelligence and options to truly heal!
    Lyme disease appeared for me when I had my mercury fillings removed. A flood of lead and mercury in my system exponentially created poor health in every area. Thank you for the information, and the knowing that PEMF, ozone therapy, and hyperthermia has helped me detox and heal.

    1. Hello Jean, yes it’s always a combo of triggers that sets the house on fire. Mercury fillings unwisely removed with a latent infection in the body is like throwing a molotov cocktail into a wooden house. If you then add a few deficiencies which we all have then you have the perfect recipe for a disaster. I am very happy you are feeling better.

      We are slowly coming to an end with the intake and will soon close the academy. I am excited you are in and look forward working with you on all the ways you can spread the word for me in local trainings and workshops. I have the new technical equipment training for coaches and the club training finished. It’s just uploading the platform. It’s super exciting and I am sure you’ll love it. Now we have all the tools to change the way cancer is treated in this world once and for all.

  7. I am not a healthcare professional. Does this rule me out? I am very interested in the way of family and personal care. None of us is a victim of cancer, but we are all in need of information and normal detox – like everyone else. Also, should we be interested, I need to know if we would be ruled out via cost involved. Thank you for your time.

    1. No certainly not. The main reason for speaking to health professionals is the cost. You can easily return your investment if you offer this service to others. If you use it privately it’s equally valuable and can save you thousands of $$$$ but for non commercial use it may be too expensive.

  8. Desperately seeking Truly Heal trained Functional Medicine Practitioners in Texas and elsewhere in U.S. Do all Functional Medicine Practitioners follow your protocols…are you all on the same page? The U.S. is overwhelmed with toxicity and deficiency and the failure of standard medicine to address these problems. What is your opinion on Dr. Jerry Tennant and the efficacy of his PEMF devices?

    1. No one in Texas yet. We have a couple of students who signed up from Dallas and one from Fort Worth this term but they just started. All our coaches learn the same protocol and have a lot to offer. I will send you a few recommendations via email.

      Dr Jerry Tennant is one of my top heroes. His explanations are one of a kind and very conclusive. His explanation of pH and Voltage – “Healing is Voltage” explains in very visual terms how acidity, deficiencies of good fats and toxins drain the body from energy and prevent healing. Very similar to what I teach in my video about stress.

  9. Hi Marcus, are you going to leave all these videos up? I have watched all of them so far and it would be great to be able to go over them. Hopefully they won’t be taken down in the near future, there is so much information in them we need to see them more than once. Thanks for all you are doing, you have a great way of explaining things.

  10. This guy is full of shit .He does not know what he is talking about. I am a Dentist and he knows nothing about elemental mercury. That stuff does not happen, period. Nor with implants, root canals, extractions, etc.

  11. I would love more than anything to be part of this you’re amazing

    1. Having experience with this on a personal level I can say ???? this is the right way to do it. If there are any opportunities to be involved I am more than willing to come aboard and learn more about your good work

  12. I’m from Dallas Texas, NOW practicing in Sanya, Hainan Province, PR China.
    I’d be delighted to join in with this program as I am running my own Rehabilitation Clinic in one of the Chinese Hospitals here.
    We are beginning the testing of some new equipment received from Texas, for Colonic Irrigation here in Sanya and in other provinces in this country.
    The purpose of the testing, (Government required) is so we can receive a Licenses to use it throughout China.
    Please feel free to contact me anytime.

  13. Hi Marcus,

    I do follow the training but what I really am interested is to find more regarding your experience in treating autistic children. Does this integrated approach work, and if yes, what results have been achieved in the past.

    I will greatly appreciate an answer. You can also contact me directly, at .

    Thanking you in advance.

  14. Do you have practitioners in or near Temecula, California (in the US )?? It’s an hour north of San Diego. Thank you

  15. I couldn’t find out where to fill in the form. I have been studying FM for several years and totally believe getting to the root cause is the only way, everything else is a bandaid. I am a health coach, “cancer conquerer” 20 years ago ( don’t like survivor, what? you survived the storm? survived the fire/). I did it without drugs, surgery or medical intervention. Mind you, our environment was not as toxic as it is today. So hence my journey to learn all I can about health and healing and all and everything related. . BTW, I attended Marcus’s first US workshop in New York I think in 2015.

  16. Hi, I thank JESUS CHRIST, OUR SAVIOUR for the knowledge that was shared through you, MARCUS.
    I haved tried a lot and and problems still exist, but after viewing these videos i am SOLD.
    I want more, i also want to help my family, we live in the Caribbean.
    Now, i have to unlearn all i thought was the right.
    Without knowledge you perish is SO,SO, TRUE.
    SO, by GODS`GRACE i would implement what was taught here in the videoes, and the APP IS TRULY AMAZING!

  17. How timely! I am going thru detoxing thallium and aluminum presently. What a bitch! I want to heal so I can help others. I am a 12 yr breast cancer survivor. Please help me:)

    1. Hello Dawn. Welcome to the team. We look forward to learning with you. I am sure we can shift some really important paradigms together.

  18. I just completed my 3rd nasal insufflation to clear up my sinus. So many mistakes things are starting to take a tole. I have too much bone loss and injury to my upper teeth I have had them all pulled and have I’m in the process of having zircon implants. But I had one implant fail and need to get infected cleaned up before I can get a bone graft and re-implant. I have 3 remaining fillings on lower Tarth. Also another major mistake is I have breast implants. How do I clean up everything And afford the clean up. I try to eat organic and do supplements. Looks like your program offers step by step plan to get patients thru. I also want to get my own ozone equipment.

    1. The beauty of mistakes is that we can learn from them and share our discoveries with others. May be we can prevent someone from having the same drama. Cleaning up always starts with removing the cause. So if your implants cause problems it’s best to remove them. I have seem miracles happen then the culprit was removed. It is unbelievable how fast the body recovers when the source of the problem is removed. In regards to teeth some of the doctors we met said it is far cheaper and easier to have a denture instead of trying to make implants work.

  19. I’m really enjoying these videos, but I can’t get to the ones on detox and stress. They both link to one on pain instead. That was good too, but I’d love to see the others, especially after reading the positive comments.

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