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"CANCER is curable NOW"

All You Need to Know in One Documentary

The TRULY HEAL documentary is the most complete guide for learning how to prevent and find the causes of cancer and other chronic disease.

World-leading doctors and experts talk about how to determine the underlying causes of disease and what you can do to create the ultimate healing environment for your body. Effective, non-toxic and scientifically proven treatment options are explained and demonstrated.

At whatever stage you are at with your health journey, whether newly diagnosed with cancer, interested in preventing cancer or dealing with a chronic disease, this movie will enhance the quality of your life. This documentary should be watched by everyone and will ultimately educate you on how to provide a healthy future for yourself, and for those you love.

Sit back and enjoy watching. And don’t forget your pen and paper to take notes. You won’t want to miss a thing.

Mike Adams

Health Advocate and award-winning investigative Journalist

“TRULY HEAL from CANCER” is powerful enough to bring millions of people to alternative cancer treatments.”


Mike Adams
Robert Rowen

Robert Jay Rowen

Bestselling Author of Cancer Free

“TRULY HEAL from CANCER is the best video on the subject my wife (Terri Su, MD) and I have seen.The video gives hope to people who otherwise are living with abject fear. We plan to show it in our office to new cancer patients! ”

What You'll Discover in

Avoid all Causes of Disease

Learn the causative factors of the development of cancer. This includes environmental toxins, plastics, household toxins, emotional toxins as well as diet and lifestyle.

The Journey to Health

Learn why it so important to take on Self-Responsibility and listen to the message that the power to truly heal is within you.

Natural Treatments

Discover how Exercise, Oxygen, Sunshine, Alkalinity, Healing Diet, Detoxification, Supplementation and Immune Boosting Therapies support conventional treatments.

How to Support Your Healing Powers

Learn why it is crucial to surround yourself with supportive people: people who eat right, exercise, and take steps to get the stress out of their lives and deal with their emotional issues.

Non-Toxic Medical Treatments

Learn why it is important in our toxic world to use non-harmful treatments – treatments which support your immune system and assist your body to heal on all levels.

Supportive Treatments

Learn why so many cancer experts are turning to supplements, good nutrition, hyperthermia, ozone therapy and the many other alternative treatments.

Charlotte Gerson

The Gerson Institute

“With the help of such world class documentaries like TRULY HEAL from CANCER we will finally be able to educate the public of all the wonderful cancer treatment options they really have.”

Charlotte Gerson
David Wolfe

David Avocado Wolfe

Bestselling Author of Alternative Health Books

“The best documentary on holistic cancer treatments ever made!”


A Lifesaving Documentary for Everyone

Watching a video with your family and friends is a great way to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. All ages can benefit from this world-class documentary. TRULY HEAL from CANCER gives guidance to the younger generation on preventing disease and offers those who are currently struggling a safe and holistic path to health. Share this video with all those who want to make a conscious and common-sense decision about their health. It’s a great motivation for all!

health wellness coach training by trulyheal

Healing For All Degenerative Diseases

Treatments Discussed in TRULY HEAL from CANCER Can Be Beneficial For:

Healthy People

Who want to boost their wellbeing to new levels


Who wants to increase their quality of life by increasing their longevity and productivity, and preventing and reversing cancer


Who want to reach higher performance levels

Chronic Disease Sufferers

Who want to add a new dimension of knowledge to their cancer, diabetes, infectious disease, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer,  depression, chronic fatigue and many other debilitating conditions

Leigh Connealy

Dr. Leigh Erin 
Connelly MD.

CANCER is Curable NOW is a must see for everyone interested in true healing from all degenerative diseases!

Bill Henderson

Bestselling Author of Cancer Free

Marcus and Sabrina have a unique view of the world of healing cancer. They have captured it for you in this book. Nobody else in this world has their experience. After years of traveling worldwide and interviewing hundreds of doctors, researchers and cancer survivors, they are now ready to share their experience with you. Take this wonderful guide to health and healing and study it seriously. It will do much more than extend your lifespan!
Bill Henderson


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