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Have You Been Diagnosed With Cancer?

Nothing strikes more fear into a person than sitting in front of your doctor and hearing the words “you have cancer”. All of a sudden, everything goes blank and your imminent mortality stares you in the face. Before you’re even able to absorb the shock and accept the diagnosis, you get shuffled into conventional “cancer therapies”.

This of course is the ultimate sales strategy. Using fear and time pressure to force you into the only solutions these clinics have to offer.

You can find some more info on conventional therapies here.

The greatest risk for any conventional doctor is that you have time to inform yourself. If you are “informed” you are empowered enough to ask questions, find out the truth and decide on what feels right for yourself. So, let’s dive into the world of “alternative treatments” as well as holistic viewpoints which we believe are extremely helpful.

Alternative vs Conventional Treatments 

If any therapy focusses on the disease (cancer) itself and does not look at what caused the disease in the first place, you can immediately see another short-sighted attempt to bypass the real healing process. Unfortunately, that’s the first thing you will run into when looking for alternatives.

Rigvir kills cancer! GcMaf kills cancer? Laetrile B17 kills Cancer! Chemo kills cancer! Radiation kills everything!!!! The list of promoted items is endless.

It is fascinating to observe, how often so called “cancer cures” resurface and are promoted as if they have helped thousands of patients. Over the past 20 years we have seen countless patients invest all their hope and money into “cures” which only left them broke and disappointed.

Causes Of Cancer 

Cancer cells are abnormal cells that replicate out of control. They can be seen as an accidental enemy that needs to be destroyed or they can be seen as a cell in survival mode to thrive in a hostile environment.

Your body was created to fight cancer. You have several built-in systems that can inhibit the development of cancer, provided they work as efficiently as they are meant to. However, most often, these protective mechanisms fail to work and this is when the cancerous mechanisms get to take the hold of the healthy tissues turning them cancerous.

What we have observed over the past 2 decades is that once you change the environment and clear the hostility the body can heal on its own.


The ever-increasing number of toxic products we are exposed to on a daily basis coupled with our unhealthy habits and sedentary lifestyle, can be a big factor as to why cancer develops.

If you want to understand the development of cancer better, please view these two articles:

To reduce your toxic load a professional alternative doctor will offer you chelation, hyperthermia, PEMF, sauna, clay and mud baths and will support the elimination with binders like the blackbox and supplements.

Detoxify With High Intensity PEMF

PEMF For Cancer Patients 


We all know that many different infections are directly linked to certain cancers.

Infections can cause chronic inflammation while some are known to suppress the activities of the immune system. Therefore, infections can make patients more vulnerable to developing cancer.

So, if you have an overgrowth in virus, bacteria or fungi then it is definitely one of these causes that should be eliminated. A good doctor knows that and will include fever therapy / hyperthermia and ozone and possibly UBI into your treatments to reduce these infections.

These therapies are often mistaken as a cancer cure, but they are not. They rather eliminate the causes of cancer or any other symptom you suffer.

O3 – Ozone for Cancer Patients

Hyperthermia Treatment For Cancer and Infectious Diseases

Hyperthermia Kills Cancer Cells


Your state of consciousness is directly linked to causes of cancer.

How aware are you of the dangers in your environment? Do you read labels? Do you know what the different chemicals mean? Do you know that many of these ingredients in your cosmetics and household items cause cancer? Have you checked the side effects for the medicines you take? The risk of vaccines? Long term consequences?  


There are so many “causes” for cancer in our day-to-day life and only when we are “aware” and “conscious” of these causes can we decide to do things differently. This is why we think it’s so important to not blindly trust (especially doctors or authority figures) , study for yourself, learn, read the labels and list of negative effects & always be aware of how something may impact your health. 

How conscious are you of your self-talk and mental attitude? Do your thoughts run unchecked? Are you aware of how you feel about your life, your body and your relationships? Do you have any influence on how you feel? Can you feel gratitude towards your situation?

To become conscious of how you navigate through the mental and physical challenges of cancer is one of the greatest steps.

Oxygenation & Energy

Tumor hypoxia (lack of oxygen) is a known mechanism for the resistance of tumor cells to anti-cancer treatments both natural and conventional. Oxygen deprivation in these tissues is a relevant factor enhancing the formation of blood cells to feed cancer and metastasis.

The human body thrives on the energy produced within our cells. To produce this energy, our cells contain tiny organelles, which extract significant amounts of energy from ingested nutrients, in order to power each individual cell and the human body as a whole. These organelles are our mitochondria. After toxic exposure or cell stress, our mitochondria can become damaged. Specifically, in cancer mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked with the increased risk of cancer development and leads to resistance to apoptosis (cell death). Cancer itself is a disease of energy metabolism.


Deficiencies are linked to cancer.

Cancer cells have forgotten that they are part of a whole. They no longer communicate with the rest of the body out of several reasons but reminding them can be a very helpful therapy. That’s why homeopathy and herbal medicine is so effective.

Herbal medicine can play a key role in improving the body’s natural defences against cancer-causing agents. Herbs such as turmeric, Aloe vera, holy basil, black cumin, and garlic possess natural anti-cancer properties. Including these herbs in a regular diet can be highly beneficial for reducing your risk of cancer as well as cancer prolapse. In addition, certain herbs are administered via IV in therapeutic dosages or as supplements.

Even progression of cancer tends to be faster in patients who have inadequate levels of vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. This marks the importance of ensuring nutritional adequacy to prevent cancer and improve the prognosis of cancer.

Nutritional supplementation involves supplying the body with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Intravenous infusions of high doses of vitamin C, B vitamins, selenium, magnesium, potassium, trace minerals, and enzymes can control symbiosis and improve the interactions of different hormones within the body at the cellular level, thus preventing the development and prognosis of cancer.

As long as your body is lacking any of the building blocks necessary for a healthy cell replication you run the risk of disease. Supplementation is often a overwhelming rabbit hole but proper “support” is absolutely mandatory. If you need help from a holistic nutritionist, click here.

Are You Deficient In Vitamin D?

The Importance of B Vitamins

Functional testing

Let’s not forget about “testing!” It’s very important to get a thorough and comprehensive understanding of an individual’s pathology and biochemistry. Functional testing is imperative for a holistic treatment approach.


Cancer is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. It’s about being aware of why cancer occurs and knowing the most effective ways to treat each individual cause. 

Please let me know if you have any queries about cancer, why it develops, and the role of alternative treatments in increasing your chances of successful outcomes.

Do you love any treatment, specifically?

Have you had good or bad experiences at holistic cancer clinics?

Are you set up with an at-home personal clinic?

Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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  • 3 Responses

    1. Hello
      Your article is very interesting. I have been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. At this point the cancer has not spread beyond the pancreas. I am looking at chemo to shrink the cancer so a Whipple operation can be performed to remove the cancer.
      I have followed a very health conscious diet most of my adult life, taken quality supplements ( Usana vitamins) and have had plenty of exercise. I am 74+ years old and have enjoyed good health all my life.
      I am no medications for any of the other wonderful diseases the body wants to put us through so to have this show up was a surprise to my Dr. As well as myself.
      We all have an expiry date, I hope this will put mine off for a few more years. I do not wish to end up in a home not knowing what is going on nor able to enjoy a good quality of life so to go for the long sleep is not daunting.

      1. Hello Dorothy, as you may understand I am not able to say “stay away from chemo”. That’s why we wrote this article to give you an alternative approach. As long as you have not figured out what causes your cancer, you will find that burdening your body even more with a very toxic substance may be counterproductive. Especially long term. If you want to look into cause finding and see if you may want to follow a different path (which was the purpose of this article) you can book a consultation here.

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