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On this page we share with you exactly what we would have wished for. 

Congratulations on taking charge of your own health. This is the ultimate form of self healing and you will not regret to have chosen this path.  This is your body! You live there! No one else can feel or judge as well as you can whether a treatment or therapy help or not. 

If you are a family member of friend supporting a loved one this page will give you all you need to make an informed decision. It’s a huge responsibility to help someone you love in medical matters and we perfectly understand that toy want to be well informed as well as effective and safe in your recommendations. 

Yes this is also the most scary option. That’s why we are here to support you in any possible way to achieve lasting health and strong vitality. 


Disease is often unpredictable and we can not guarantee a successful recovery. Especially as we do not know how far progressed your situation is or how much has been damaged by other treatments and medications. 

But we can guarantee you that with every CAUSE you find and remove your chances of a complete recovery increase dramatically. 

None of the treatments or therapies we recommend in the process will have any negative side effects. To the contrary we know that each of the therapies will enhance your immune system, increase gentle detoxification and support all of your body functions. 

Rest assured that everything we recommend is well researched and proven to work in the best clinics around the world. 


If you are completely new to Functional Medicine it’s probably best to watch the TRULY HEAL documentary first. 

In these 50min you will see all the different factors that need to addressed and we show you many therapies in action. 

This documentary has saved thousands of lives and inspired a new way of thinking in regards to chronic degenerative diseases. 

Will open in a new window so you can afterwards continue on this page. 


  • what caused your disease?
  • what prevents your body from healing?
  • what suppresses your immune system?
  • what are you missing? (Deficiencies)
  • what do you have too much of? (Toxins)
  • what will help you heal more effectively?
When you have an answer to these 6 questions you have a treatment plan and know exactly what needs to be done to truly heal from any disease. Just being able to answer “What triggers my disease?” would give you a fighting chance and help you stop progression. 

To help you find these answers and develop the most effective treatment plan we have 2 options for you. One is done for you and the other is do it yourself. 


We do not recommend you to learn for yourself if you have problems to concentrate, have pain or are in an advanced state. In this case see if you have a family member to learn with you or rather book a consolation with one of our health professionals. You can still learn once you have recovered and have witnessed the true power of functional medicine. 

TRULY HEAL Cause Evaluation & Treatment Recommendations

The TRULY HEAL Cause Evaluation will provide you with personalised advice in regards to diet, supplement and treatment. You will work with one of our qualified health coaches who takes the time to work through all areas of your life to find all triggers and causes and recommends you the best possible cause of action. 

This consultation included treatment recommendation, dietary recommendations and supplementation.

Join the TRULY HEAL academy 

Functional Medicine is simple, yet super effective. In a matter of weeks will you understand how your body works, what causes imbalances and how to remedy them. Everything you learn in this program is practical, easy to apply and will help your family and loved ones for yours to come. 

This is the ultimate form of empowerment as you can use Functional Medicine for every health related problem

STEP 2 - TREATMENTS you can do at HOME

If you have plenty of money look for a clinic that offers you treatments and support. It’s a great way to familiarise yourself with these therapies. 

If however you need to be careful with your expenses, then treat yourself at home and safe thousands of $$$$ in the process. Especially as many of these treatments need to be repeated for the rest of your life, this investment pays out manyfold. 

In the list below we have outlined the main benefits each therapy offers and why you would choose one over the others. In essence though are these 3 therapies used in combination in all of the most successful clinics with a compounding effect. See chart to the right. It’s not one 

To make your life easy and to help you understand what each of the below therapies do, we have created for each therapy a different training academy where you can find science, research, applications, protocols and best practices.  (You will have to create a free account for each of the academies)


PEMF is like a charging station for your body. Like a toothbrush that needs to be charges so can PEMF recharge every cell in your body to optimal function. 

Cells which are damaged by inflammation, polluted by toxins, mutated and sick are destroyed by high intensity PEMF while cells which can still be rescued are re-differentiated back into a healthy state. In Europe they use high intensity PEMF as a cancer treatment, before IV treatments to increase absorption, after treatment to optimise the results and as a charging station for patients with low healing energy. 

Your ATP (energy levels) and healing capacity is greatly enhanced by better oxygen utilisation and better performance of each cell. The added heavy metal detox effect makes this therapy a must for all those who have high heavy metal poisoning.     If you can afford PEMF it’s kind of mandatory. 

O3 Academy


 Ozone has many helpful attributes for every chronic degenerative disease and can not be missed. Especially if your health history includes repeated antibiotic treatments, infections (tonsillitis, ………….) leaky gut,     If you can afford PEMF it’s kind of mandatory. 

Hyperthermia therapy at trulyheal


PEMF      If you can afford PEMF it’s kind of mandatory. 


Trulyheal Course DVD

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