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The Truly Heal Philosophy

The human body is a master work of intricately balanced chemical, mechanical and electrical signals. These work synergistically to create a comprehensive and functioning whole. It is only by understanding, knowing and finding just how our specific body’s balance has been interrupted, that can we begin to reverse or work around these damages.

We at TRULY HEAL see an individual as a whole entity made-up of four individual energy bodies. There is the physical body (heart, lungs, brain, gut etc.), the vital body (habits, sleeping, exercise, eating, environmental exposures….), the mental body (the emotions, beliefs…), and the spiritual body (one’s reason/purpose for living and passion…).

We are all biologically and genetically unique and we are all impacted by myriad and diverse life experiences and exposures. Two individuals can suffer similar life obstacles—trauma during childhood, divorce, toxic exposure at a workplace, or even exposure to dairy after abstaining for six months—and yet respond distinctly from one another.

Though we all primarily have the same organs and glands, we each have a unique operation manual due to the cumulative life experiences and exposures we’ve had—a beautifully knit web of genetics, history and choices.

Not one chronic disease is developed because of ONE root cause. There are just too many compound factors that lead to the disease expression.

That’s why we look at the root causes in order to prevent and treat disease.

At TRULY HEAL we embody the understanding of connectivity. We know that every bodily system is connected and that nothing happens in the body as an isolated event. We believe that ‘true’ healing is only possible when the physical, vital, mental and spiritual aspects of one’s being are in balance and harmony.

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The TRULY HEAL logo represents the four bodies:



Physical Body

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The physical body is the sum total of our chemical, mechanical and neurological systems. It is a masterwork of intricately balanced pathways that work synergistically to create a comprehensive, homeostatic whole. The balance of this masterpiece is attacked from the first moment we are created inside our mother’s womb. The world is filled with detrimental substances, which are pro-inflammatory, oxidative or disturb the communication, absorption and distribution of substances throughout the body. Our conscious or unconscious exposure to these detrimental substances affects our health and wellbeing.

The physical body represents the function of all bodily systems as well as potential deficiencies, infections, toxicity, inflammation and imbalances that cause disease, prevent healing and drain energy from the body. 

Vital Body

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The vital body encompasses all repetitive and rhythmic lifestyle functions: eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, working and all other habits we do on a day-to-day basis. These basic rhythmic actions directly provide our physical body its life force. Every unconscious pattern/habit that is lived day in and day out becomes a reality.The vital body is all about a person’s awareness of their surroundings and the impact their choices have on their health.
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Mental Body

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The mental body is powered by emotions and thoughts. This zone involves: motivation, confrontation, decision-making, understanding, learning and coping mechanisms. The mental body is the expression of your beliefs, values fears, worries, frustrations and stressors. 

The initiation of change begins with an action. The motivation to perform this action is encompassed in this zone. Thereby our actions affect us physically and psychologically. All aspects of our being need to work together for health, however the empowerment and the willingness to act and change is a fundamental part of true healing.

Spiritual Body

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The spiritual body includes all the other bodies, with a specific focus on our connection to a higher guidance or power (energy, ether, God, mother nature, source energy, etc.)

When we focus on our passions, our purpose, and our reasons for living, we ignite our unique spiritual connection with life on a grander scale. This connection allows us to make informed decisions on how to move forward, recognizing that we are more than just a sum-total of our body and mind. We derive power through faith and trust in an energy that is greater than the physical elements that surround us. Our spiritual body is vital for true health.

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The Truly Heal Mission is to heal our body, our life and the world

By Finding and Removing All Causes Of Disease. 


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