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Reducing EMF Exposure & Why You Should?

Exposure to EMF can result in serious adverse effects on your health. It can cause damage to the vital organs at the cellular level and put you at risk of several chronic diseases including cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inflammatory disorders.

Therefore, there is a need to protect yourself against EMF radiation. Let’s dive into what EMFs mean, how they impact your health and what you can do to reduce your EMF exposure.

What are EMFs?

EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) refer to the invisible energy areas that are commonly created with the usage of electrical power and other forms of man-made or natural lighting. These invisible energy areas are also referred to as radiation.

EMFs are either the magnetic field around electrical motors and cables when under load. These frequencies are least dangerous as they mostly work on 50 to 60hz. The human body needs to be very close to these devices or cables as the radiation declines with very fast with distance.

The next and far more dangerous are RF Radio Frequencies which are from 60 Hz upwards.
These are from radio transmitters, microwaves, mobile phones, routers, 3-4-5-6G mobile towers. These frequencies can manipulate your cells and destroy them outright. They can destroy cells, impact cellular function and cause havoc on your nervous system. Raymond Rife used these frequencies to outright kill certain pathogens. These frequencies are all pervading and penetrate a body, wall or your house without any reduction.

Further up are gamma rays and x rays which are known to be dangerous.

What is the impact of EMF exposure on your health?

Research studies have shown that EMF can influence the metabolic processes occurring in the body. When bodily functions are affected at the cellular level, it can create a cascading effect on the functions of all the vital organs and tissues of the body. This can alter the bodily functions making you vulnerable to develop a wide range of chronic diseases.

Several studies have now revealed the hugely detrimental effects linked to exposure to EMFs, most of which are associated with Radio waves in the higher range of 3-4-5-6G.

One of the most shocking revelations showing the impact of EMF radiation on the body points to the strong connection between the location of the cancerous growths in the body and how an individual carries the cell phone routinely. This shocking finding has proven that the EMF radiation from smartphones can cause severe damage to the organs, especially in those parts where the device is held closely to the body.

For example; studies have shown that people, who have a habit of keeping their smartphones under the pillow while sleeping, are more likely to develop brain tumours. Similarly, keeping smartphones in the pockets of the shirt can cause the EMF radiation from the device to interfere with the heart functions putting the person at a very high risk for cardiac disorders.

These studies have revealed the need to minimize the exposure to EMF radiation in order to reduce the chances of developing cancer, heart attacks, cardiac failure, and other life-threatening diseases.

Research studies have established noteworthy links between the exposure to EMF and the following conditions:

> Increased risk of brain cancers

> Sleep disturbance

> Altered brain metabolism

> Reduced sperm count

> Increased sperm damage

> Frequent headaches

> Anxiety

> Fatigue 

> Depression

> Reduced memory 

> Difficulty in concentration 

How to minimize EMF exposure?

Do not keep your phone in the bedroom

Experts recommend keeping your phone in another room while sleeping. You may put it on the airplane mode if you must keep it in your bedroom while sleeping.

You can also do the same with your other gadgets like a tablet.

Also, to minimize your EMF exposure further, make it a habit to enforce “no screen time” for 2 hours before bedtime. This would not just diminish your EMF exposure but also help you fall asleep more soundly and faster.

Also do not forget to turn off your Wi-Fi router at night. Something we do EVERY night! 

Choose a docking station

Finding a place in your house that you do not frequent much and leaving your smartphones at that place throughout the day can be a great way for reducing your EMF exposure.

You can, at least, leave your smartphone at that location on weekends or during the evening hours on weekdays when you are not likely to get any important calls.

This simple strategy will help you know where your phone is. You can check it anytime when needed, without having to carry it around in your hand or pocket.

Minimize the use of a microwave.

It is advisable to choose healthier methods of cooking or heating food to avoid your exposure to EMF. Experts advise people to think about what they are planning to prepare in the microwave, and then, see if the same food can be prepared with the traditional cooking methods such as on the stovetop.

Heating food in the microwave has been found to diminish its nutritional value to a much higher extent compared to the other methods of heating food.

The water molecules tend to rotate more rapidly when the food is heated in the microwave. The molecules also vibrate at a very high frequency creating molecular friction, which may damage the nutrients in the food. This can also cause the molecular structure of the food to change. Consuming these foods may trigger cancerous changes in the healthy tissues of your body.

It’s really not that hard to heat your food up in the stove! I promise. 

Install a Wi-Fi cage

EMF radiation from Wi-Fi can cause oxidative stress, neuropsychiatric effects, sperm and testicular damage, EEG changes, cellular DNA damage, and endocrine changes.

Installing a Wi-Fi cage could be an effective way to minimize your exposure to EMF radiation. Installing a Wi-Fi cage would not interfere with the signal strength. However, it would lessen the radiation emitted from the device thus protecting you against the possible hazards.

A Wi-Fi cage can be created with a metal finer net or shielding paint. We just painted our bedrooms in 3 layers of shielding paint first before adding the real paint. This grounded wall cover creates like a pharadeic cage. 

Switch to a speakerphone

You can switch your phone to the speakerphone while talking to someone whenever possible. This will allow you to avoid holding your EMF-releasing smartphone too close to your head and help minimize the adverse effect of radiation on your brain.

The greater the distance from your body the better.


Reducing your EMF exposure using these simple tips will protect you against a number of life-threatening disorders by protecting the vital organs from the cellular damage.

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