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To show you how a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach approaches every client individually, we have put together a free training for you, which outlines 6 of the 64 chapters you will become familiar with. Being a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach means to be a powerful detective who finds all possible causes of disease and knows how to resolve each and everyone of them.  Even if you just apply what you learn in these 6 videos you will be miles ahead of your trade

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  1. Thanks so much for the video and the call yesterday. Very insightful. I so look forward to get started. This program is exactly what I was searching for. Your passion is very inspirational and YES I truly believe in your dream of bringing medicine back to the people.

  2. Every video opens another can of worms. I have not once been tested by any of my doctors for mineral deficiencies. I feel very much let down. They all charge a lot of money but hardly anyone has this kind of an overview. I hope many practitioners sign up. We need them desperately.

  3. I was in Swiss at the Paracelsus clinic and had these nutritional IV’s. They were my saving grace. After spending thousands of $$$$$ in other clinics with not the slightest results my husband and I used we had left to see Dr. Rau. I was terminal stage 4. All other doctors had given up. That was 8 years ago. In the first week I mainly sat on the drip. 3 bags per day. No idea what was in them. I just saw the nurse inject many different little veils.

    At the end of the first week all my systems started working and my energy levels were so good that I could walk from the hotel to the clinic along the mountain ridge. Unthinkable before.

    He is with good reason your top mentor. Thanks to him and heroes like you I am still alive, use ozone every day, have once a week hyperthermia and feel the best I ever have.

    I send you much love and all the energy you need to make your dreams a reality. All of mankind needs them.

    1. WOW that’s a steep walk. I was puffed which does not mean much, but in stage 4 a real achievement. Congratulations on outliving your diagnose for 8 years. Thats a great compliment for you and your doctor. I would wish you share some information on what else you do to maintain your health.

  4. Thanks again for a very understandable explanation of how to go about treating the patient and not the disease. Love the program that you compiled and look forward enrolling to it at later stage as explained before to you.

    1. Thank God Jagadish, at long last we have somebody who is talking sense ! If you stay in the United states though, you had better read Orwell’s ‘1984’ , first !! There is a lot of good information right there, in the US with excellent instrumentation and research, and superb people. But alas, if you get creative and want to produce results, you are asking for trouble !!

  5. Marcus, great video. I’m still planning to head off to Arcadia Praxis soon and this was one of my main concerns – would any functional tests be done to show my deficiencies.A few weeks ago I completed a Genova labs ONE test as well as a Quicksilver Blood metals/ minerals panel. Would these two tests be sufficient to show any deficiencies? (I also did a Dutch Plus hormonal panel and a Great Plains mold test, plus a 23&Me DNA test). What other clinics would take more of an investigative approach like Dr Rau? I don’t just want to get infused with cancer-killing remedies if my system is running on empty! Thank you.

    1. Hello Jason. This was why we stopped working with the Arcadia clinic. They have a big heart and great devices but their investigation into the cause and diagnostics were not on the radar. The tests are great and will give you the info you need. Whether they can translate that into a IV drip, I don’t know. We have lost contact and I am not familiar with their new setup. Some doctors have left and I don’t know the new ones.

    2. The klinik rejected me cause I can not walk 100m on my own anymore from total burneout over the last few weeks.

      1. Hello Hafrun Maria, this is quite normal as these clinics first look for the highest success rate and also how much resources they need for a patient. If you need assistance in every movement it gets too complicated for them. The other problem is that healing requires a lot of energy. It’s super exhausting and a measurement for your healing power is whether you are still able to walk on your own.
        There are many things you can do at home and build up strength and energy as well get rid of the toxicity and infections that exhaust your body.

        I would start with Ozone. Especially as you suffer from infections like EBV ( Ozone not only gives you a lot of energy, it also helps your body to get rid of infections and inflammation. You protect healthy cells from reinfection and activate all self healing mechanisms. It would be the first thing they do in the clinic as well. All you need is the O3 Power Bundle to start with daily Ozone insufflations. ( You will feel better in a very short time.

        Additionally I would get a DETOX BOX II ( and start your heavy metal detox immediately. All breast implants are very toxic and if your system is compromised by EBV virus or other infections your body can not detoxify properly. This liposomal application is very gentle yet very effective. It will give you a running start in getting your liver activated and supported.

  6. Hi Marcus. I really am enjoying the training video’s and your information has given me encouragement in my journey with prostate cancer.
    I have only the monkey on the number 4 video though .. I hope you are able to fix this !! Kind Regards , Andrew NZ

    1. That’s the message. We are all monkeys.
      Joke aside. YOUTUBE is DOWN. What a disaster. I don’t think my video crashed the server but you never know :-) Hope they have a backup. Otherwise I have a big problem.

  7. I am so glad I found your youtube video earlier this year. I am working with your son Benedict and are very impressed by both of you. I am going through colon cancer treatments and had a second chemo round this year (first one in 2016). Intuitively I have known that it is not about “treating the cancer”, but the environment of the body. I have done the Blood Type diet and eliminated fruit and wheat and sweets etc AND took a ton of supplements, but Tumor still grew. It totally makes sense to me that my body couldn’t absorb the nutrients because the root cause was not addressed. I have been using ozone since February this year and just started with PEMF 5 weeks ago. In working with Benedict I have streamlined my supplements and also know (through 23&Me) where some of my cancer “causes” possibly came from. I hope that there is a practitioner with the same passion as you signing up here in the San Diego area. But if not, I am happy to continue to skype with Benedict, as I find his insights are so valuable to me. Thank you for making your research and findings available to us and not doing it for the money, like so many others. I know you need and want to make money and I want you to, but I feel your heart truly is foremost in helping others. Big hug from San Diego and ganz liebe Gruesse.

    1. Hi Cornelia, thanks for sharing your experience with us! Your journey has been a remarkable one and we’re glad to have been a part of it.

  8. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was watching the video True about cancer and refused any treatment, and after a lots of conversation with my GP and oncologist manage to be referred to the London homeopathic hospital. I’m on Iscador therapy, healthy vegan diet, and I am trying to detox my body but I am alone in this journey. Your videos and education programs gives me a hope that I can be successful. I am very interested to set up a clinic for immune system support and to help myself and others to find the way to have a healthy life.
    Thank you so much for your hard work

    1. I like them seperate. Ozone sauna is a new invention which has just as many drawbacks as it has benefits. Many get rashes and you kill your natural biome in your skin that is supposed to protect you. I have had too many contradictory info on it to support it. Especially as both taken separately are super effective. If you have an ozone insufflation you are supported by 600 clinical studies and you know it always works. It takes just 4 min to do that and you know it helps. If you look into the research of sauna it’s the same and always beneficial. There is no research on ozone saunas and what’s there is financed and sponsored by the producers of these devices.

  9. I’m a health and lifestyle coach and I would love to incorporate your training to help people. We have only one functional doctor in our city who treats children only. I have been hosting the Functional Forum in my town for four years and it is all about functional medicine.


  11. Yes , indeed very Informative video with a lot details; We never put it all together like some element deficiency will not work unless there is some mattress of net nutrients to complete the process ….
    It’s amazing you put that all together ..

  12. Hello! Your preview videos to functional medicine are truly inspiring and awesome. You have turned a complicated process into a well laid out format especially with the App you have developed. After listening to Marcus on Ashley James Learn True Health podcast this morning I have been so motivated to return to my studies and continuing education in inspiring true health in everyone. I graduated as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in 2015 after wanting to pursue true health. Your program would be an added value for my family, friends and associates. I look forward to hearing from you!! Keep up the awesome work. July 25, 2021

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