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To show you how a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach approaches every client individually, we have put together a free training for you, which outlines 6 of the 64 chapters you will become familiar with. Being a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach means to be a powerful detective who finds all possible causes of disease and knows how to resolve each and everyone of them.  Even if you just apply what you learn in these 6 videos you will be miles ahead of your trade

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  1. Marcus thank you so much for this video. I was well aware of acidity in my body but never thought oxygen to play such a crucial role. I hope a lot of practitioners will sign up to your program because we need them. I have forwarded the link to my local naturopath and doctor and hope they join.

  2. It is a lot harder to sell a grain free diet to a client than you think. I have so many patients who rather suffer and complain than change what they eat. I will definitely try the coffee / darkfield experiment and see if it is easy to demonstrate. It would certainly help to have some visual arguments.

    1. You are so right. I have to plead guilty as well. Rather suffer than drop my favourite foods. Well the pain is a great motivator and the 2 week promise as well. I knew I could do it for 2 weeks and that made such a massive difference that going back was simply impossible. That’s the hook.

  3. Wow that’s a great start. Cant wait to see all other videos. I love all your work and your dedication to find sustainable solutions. I really see where you are heading and look forward working with you. It’s time to make a change.

  4. I am wanting to open a health clinic in Philippines. I believe in following
    the 8 basic health laws. I want to concentrate on helping people and teaching them how to live a healthy life. A strong immune system is #1.
    Thanks for all your videos, your doing a great job.

  5. Marcus I have done exactly what you describe and healed my gut over the past 3 months. It’s been a tough process because we live in a house filled with teenagers who seem to eat all day long the things I am supposed not to eat. Very tempting but I pulled it through and with the help of rectal insufflations managed to heal my gut. The results are just short of a miracle. I had neuropathy with tinkling nerve endings in hands and feet. GONE! Arthritis GONE! Insomnia and sleep apnea GONE! I had a rash on the side of my face and ear for almost half a year GONE! My overall energy is through the roof and mobility increased by 80%. Even my PSA levels have dropped without any other intervention. I really feel for the first time that I am on the right track. Thank you so much.

  6. Funny my healer and multi level marketer of “Restore for life” said today, that you are a charlatan. She saw your video and was outraged. Really funny!

  7. Hi Marcus, do any of your protocols include the Black Swan teachings of neurosurgeon Dr Jack Kruse? Microbiome medicine of Dr Zach Bush (Restore)? EMFs which cause systemic inflammation?

    1. No he is way too fanatic and self important for me. It is common sense to eat fresh and local and organic and ripened in the sun. It is also wise to sleep during the night and not spend hours on the computer. But his fanatic view point that all blue light from computers is the reason for thyroid issues is way too single sided for me. There are so many reasons for thyroid problems and EMF susceptibility that singling out one “new self important discovery” is certainly not wise and all encompassing.

      1. Marcus, regarding Jack Kruze, I had the same gut feeling as you. I appreciate the man’s effort and zeal and would like to have a beer with him, although I believe he stated that he currently takes none or virtually no supplements whatsoever – just photons from the Sun and I believe from IR and UV lighting appliances and similar from (oldfashioned – beneficial) now-banned incandescent bulbs which he highly recommends. I will probably listen again to his concept to make sure I, basically, didn’t miss something important. Anyway, I am seeking /require Functional Medicine and Energy Healing hardware protocol development and PEMF and related hardware usage training – in the U.S.A. region to move forward. You are one of the supermen of health that I am planning on requesting guidance and basic program expense from. When we finally communicate I’d appreciate you sharing some contacts/friends in order to potentially develop a few new friends & associates to support, share some good ideas, and possibly love to work together with. Thank you for your efforts in the areas you have discovered that DO work effectively. I’m looking forward to the new era (spear-headed by Functional Medicine, etc. etc.) starting and eclipsing the prior-art toxic protocols – soon. Yours truly with best wishes for abundant (hydrogen )negative charged electrons and oxygenation in your rectum and to/for all healthy cells,

      2. Hi, Marcus can not agree with you more a lot of these self-proclaimed doctors and health coaches on the same bandwagon as big pharma a one fits all approach. I found it just does not fit into approach of healing the person and not the disease as you rightfully said it so many times.

  8. Excellent presentation, thank you, Marcus. So often we see people repeatedly come to health programs but do not apply the advice given. This is exactly what is needed.

  9. Marcus, When will the next video be available & how long in between videos do we have to wait before you make available the following videos?

  10. Marcus, you are spot on! Whole-istic approach will work…given time, effort and utilizing what works for the individual. I look forward to more learning!

  11. Hi,

    What a wonderful methodology. Ive been doing Dr. Clark protocol (begining Prostate Cancer)and much is similar. For a long time I have thought somehow everything fits together. And here it is. Thank you. Do you have any good coaches in the UK?

  12. I have been looking with interest the development of your program over the last three years. Yet i don’t find the handle, the abc steps to apply to my lymphoma. any advice?
    Thank you,


  13. I have watched the first video and frankly I am impressed with the simplistic approach. I would be interested in ozone therapy and your Truly Heal Functional Certification.

  14. Wow, this is such an awesome approach and I can‘t wait to finish the Truly Heal Coaching Programme to start working with people! Thanks for all you do, Marcus, you are truly inspiring! ????????????❤️ Lots of love from Germany!

  15. Marcus, very very interesting and useful information. I has leaky gut as well that caused a number of problems for me and after searching all days and nights to find out what was really wrong with me, it took almost 1 year to come to the right diagnose. The doctors in Georgia could not diagnose and treat me and i had to cure myself two years ago and my child as well with the same problem including candida. I am sure that in other videos you will share with us, i will learn a lot of new things . I am looking forward to watching others as well.

  16. Marcus, I like very much all that you stand for. Your Ozone videos are so good. I refer to them quite often. I am looking for scientific research on
    supplementation needed when using ozone therapies. An article explaining how and when and what to supplement the body with when using lots of ozone, so as not to deplete your body of essential nutrients.

  17. Thank you . Very articulated and resonable program and very easy to follow, understandable for the doctor as well to the patient. Hope to look foward hearing from you again.!


  19. I am absolutely amazed by your presentation and dedication too accurate thinking. I cannot wait to complete the rest of your videos so that I can start your coaching program is well. Thank you for spending the time and putting forth the effort to make this life changing program for so many.

  20. Marcus, a friend sent me the link to your sight. I’m so thankful she did. You explain and teach in such down to earth simplicity with great visuals. Thank you and I am looking forward to veido number 2!! Will I get it in an email??

  21. Fantastic, the health community needs to know much more and programs like this will help to educate them, that chemotherapy and radiation is not always the only answer to cancer. There are many other therapies that are successful in healing the body. I am looking forward to know more.

  22. Thank you Marcus, I’ve always known we can heal ourselves, just didn’t know how, so excited, cant wait for the next videos.

  23. Marcus I just love to hear the word OZONE I have it in my Physio institute my clients/ patients are loving it (Hocatt ozone sauna) I want to do more ozone therapies you are so inspiring from your heart and soul can’t wait to move on ????

  24. Matty, a Dr from South Africa. I see a lot of professionals are asking about other videos? Have I missed the responce? Apologies, if that is the case?
    Could you please us to access follow-on videos please. Thank you once again for your incredible effort to put this together!

  25. It is very good information and very happy to learn about health, i did not get the treatment for leaky gut, could you repeat it for me please. Thank you. Jean

  26. I watched the first video and found it very interesting. When at the other videos released? I look forward to seeing more! Thanks.

  27. Marcus,
    I am a Cancer Survivor. The journey through recovery was initially lonely and scary. I had Thyroid Cancer. The Drug they give you Levothyroxine just provides you with another version of sickness. Through investigation and research, I have changed that and I am now probably fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my life. And I’m 70 years young. I love the idea of your program and can’t wait to get started.


  29. I am studying nutrition and very interested in nutrition, including gut brain relationships in people with cancer and other nutritional diseases

  30. Hallo Markus, Cristian Ritt here.
    I am wondering if healing leaky gut with ozone insufflation , PLUS following an anti-inflamatory diet (like the one recomended by Amy Myers, MD in her books/website)can help a rheumatoid arthritis patient fully recover and give-up the Metotrexate weekly injections for the rest of her life. I am buying a regular ozone machine like this one: and I start rectal insuflation (basically an ozonated distilled water enema) to my wife. Is it truly working ? I cannot get medical grade oxigen without prescription for your machine, hence my cheaper version purchase. Please respond when you get a moment. All the best !

    1. Hello Cristian, Yes ozone insufflations have a very good effect on arthritis. Combined with good supplementation and detoxification you will achieve a lot. The device you have selected though is not ideal. Ozone water enemas have to be slightly warm to not cause any cramping in the colon. This means no ozone is still active in the water. Ozone is applied as a rectal insufflation in form of gas and all studies use a concentration of 40mg per litre. The device you have selected does not produce more than 8mg per litre which is OK to wash vegetables but not for an insufflation. It also produces a too high volume for rectal insufflations. Please see this page for better info on rectal insufflations.

      You can get industrial oxygen at BOC, Air Liquide, Air gas and any other welding supply. Then use a medical ozone generator which produces higher concentrations. You can find how to set up your ozone clinic at home on this page:

  31. I also am interested to find your experience in treatment of kids with autism. What can we really do (leaky gut treatment for kids), protocols, treatments, materials to read? Can you help with this?

    1. I do not have extensive knowledge in treatment of Autism or kids. it’s a very critical subject due to legal reasons. I have however seen many different programs for children in Germany top restore the gut and to pull toxins out of their small bodies. Dr. Lamberto Re in Italy treats children with Autism with small 60ml ozone insufflations every day 5 days a week. Combined with good supplementation and a good detox program he described many success stories. Kids seem to respond to ozone so much faster. Either you find a good Ozone doctor to start the therapy or you do it yourself and start very gentle and slowly to observe any side effects. You can find more information on ozone therapy here:

  32. You are my hero. I have been trying to convince people around me rearding most of the information you covered. You have given me the tool to make a difference. If this wasn’t such a serious life threatening topic, I would do the “i told you so dance” ???????? I can’t thank you enough!

  33. Hi Marcus,

    So great to connect with you again. Always learn so much, would love to be involved on a deeper level and continue to learn with you. The timing couldnt be more perfect. Thank you, hope to see you if you ever come to NZ .

  34. Dear Marcus,

    Thank you for sharing and supporting us HH coachers this truly knowledge. I enjoyed the training completely.
    Would love still to become Truly Heal Functional Health Coach but finances are still not allowing. Will watch the whole series with zeal and enthusiasm. Many Blessings, Rada

  35. Marcus-

    Great video introduction; very simple presentation of a seemingly complex subject – personal health.
    I can relate to your statement about cancer patients feeling isolated. I’m 53 years old and currently battling Prostate Cancer and feel like I have the plague. Since my diagnoses in April 2019 I have made deep lifestyle changes, I completely immersed myself in holistic wellness practices such as Meditation, Tai Qigong, Yoga and intermittent fasting. Whether these changes have an effect on the Cancer is still yet to be determined but physically I feel great. I feel my personal experience has compelled to get into the field of Functional Medicine Health Coaching. I currently don’t have the finances to cover the cost to pay for the training TrulyHeal has offer, I’m currently receiving Social Security Disability. If you’re are open to it in exchange for the complete training and certification that your TrulyHeal program has to offer I will gladly officially represent TrulyHeal here in Brooklyn New York, and help market the TrulyHeal practices. I’m home all day reading, doing research and keeping my doctor appointments. I feel like this is my calling now. Let me know what you think.

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