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Lets Get Personal

This page is exclusively for patients and caregivers. 

With no one around to tell us I told you so  how about we are honest. Completely honest to ourselves. 

Most of us know some of the underlying causes of our health condition. Certainly not all, and not those which require testing, but the main triggers that make us feel bad on a daily basis. 

Someone recently said that admitting where you sabotage yourself is the first step to a conscious change. So how about we do that now. I’ll go first. 

My name is Marcus Freudenmann and I eat too much. I would never admit that publicly. Thats where I blame my genes. I cheat at least once a week (if not more) with "Gluten & Grains" and drink way too much coffee.

I am very good with "Dairy" though, but only because consequences are too explosive.  I am overweight and use my inflammation/pain in my legs and as an encouragement to stay "kinda" on path. The pain level clearly motivates my compliance. I am like a pendulum swinging from disciplined to the opposite.

I also stress a lot and my daily meditation practice is postponed when it rains or it's too windy, coz I like to meditate outdoors. And I forgot my supplements again. (this whole week) And was there something else? AHHHH, all day in my office is certainly not all that healthy either.
Marcus Freudenmann
Sunshine Coast Australia
Hi my name is Janette and I'm from Pensilvania.  I definitely drink too much and I don't mean water. Wine has become a regular stress release in these mad times. 

Stress is definitely one of my main causes. I can feel 1 to 2 days later the impact in brute force. It compromises my whole system, I break out in rashes, my arthritis flares up, diarrhoea, red eyes and a super depressed mindset. I know that stress is the key component I need to address. 

I know what I should do (in theory). Turn off radio and news, stop helping everyone and prioritise myself and maybe stop caring about things that are not even closely related to me. 

Other than that I'm OK. I eat well, loads of greens, supplements and smoothies. My body feels good. Plenty of exercise and fresh air keep me going too. Although I always start with everything enthusiastically and then fade with forgetfulness.
Janette Arlington
Hi my name is Joseph from Austria. Yesterday when Marcus called me to write down all my weaknesses and self sabotage, I had to laugh. 

I preach to everyone not to use toxic chemicals and plastics and avoid EMF and here I stood with a bottle of toxins in my front yard to eradicate these stubborn weeds in my garden. I had my bluetooth headset on and the phone at my ear. 
What a hypocrite I am. Caught off guard and unprepared.

I also still smoke one or two cigars a week. Guilty as charged. 

I'm OK with my food and supplements and my treatment discipline surprises  even myself. I feel so much better after a PEMF session and like newly born after hyperthermia. I assume that's why it's so easy to comply.

I guess my greatest weakness is that I stay up way too long watching stuff I can't even remember the next morning. And then I wonder why I can't sleep all night. Sleep deprivation is not helping with my healing. 
Joseph Ader
Bischofshofen Austria
Hi my name is Carol from Honolulu Hawaii. Not sure if this is what you mean, but my self sabotage is beating myself up all the time.

I do so much and my discipline is 100%. But I am never happy with my performance, how much I do and what I achieve. There are always things I missed and it's hard to just let go. My calendar looks like that of a super busy business woman who has 100 appointments a day. Yes, I am retired. I should be sitting in the sun and praise the lord, instead I am rushing from treatment to supplement to checkups to cooking while doing 200 other things for everyone else.

Writing this down has just dropped the penny. I am my own worst enemy. That's it. Sunshine, fresh air and no treatments today. I need to unwind. 

Thanks for asking me to reflect.
Carol Freeman

Why Do You Think "BainAid Medicine" Has Such An Easy Play?

You take it and don’t have to worry about discipline and change. Just keep doing what you did before. You don’t even need to become conscious. 

Change however is hard and learning new healthy habits is way harder than anyone wants to admit. 

The reason I showed you these testimonials and ask you to write your own below into the chat, is to show you that we all struggle with change. It’s not easy and self sabotage is definitely one of the key components we have to address. 

Some of us need disease and pain as motivation. It took me a while to figure out what causes my health to go down and what brings it back up. Now I feel it coming much earlier and can use already the onset of pain as a perfect motivation to get back on track. Every time a bit earlier. We aren’t striving for perfection just progress. 

 I just found this slide from 2013 from our London workshop. 

During this workshop we did exactly the same as we do here. We told the person beside us about our self sabotage. Not in judgment and with malice, but as a consciousness exercise. 

Most of us know where we are off track and if you don’t know, ask your family or friends. Usually an outsider can see what you might not be aware of (yet).

Loving reminders on the motivational scale sounds far better than disease

When your body breaks out in rashes because you ate something your body is intolerant to or used toxic chemicals in your skin care, the scale will not move instantly.. instead it just creeps up a little on the scale. Next day same thing. A bit more pain. Then the gentle warnings set in and on and on. “DISEASE” or ill health does not occur overnight – but it’s our wonderful lifetime worth of experiences that ultimately move this scale up and down. 

Dont be Shy! It feels good to become conscious.

Share your own self sabotage below. No one in this room has a reason to point fingers towards anyone else but themselves. We are all guilty as charged.  Every testimonial I read reminds me of something I could have listed as well.  

Lets be conscious together!

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  1. Hello all. This is Amada from Netherlands. I feel ashamed that I feel this way, but I feel anger and hatred and disgust welling up in me when I see or meet certain people. I can’t help myself. This is a big stress factor for me as I don’t know how to change it. These feelings come from deep within and I feel how they steal my life energy. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a “due by date” which expired 2 months ago. So I am going strong and feel really good. But it bothers me that I am not more empathetic and loving.

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