Thanks for telling us what you are looking for. 

As you can imagine the interests of practitioners/aspiring coaches is different to that of patients. And because we want to give you the best experience in the upcoming emails we thought to split the path…  The following paragraph will make that very clear. It is a gem we learned later in our journey but it has been one of the most important lessons. 

Working with Clients is Like Sherlock Holmes Looking for Clues

Working as coach or health practitioner is interesting and extremely rewarding work. There are so many components to reveal in a short time that it’s important to have a process. 

Initial observations we are interested in are:. 

  • How dedicated is my client? 
  • How self conscious are they?
  • How honest are they to themselves and towards others?
  • How well are they already educated? 
  • Do they hide behind self defence mechanisms?
  • Did they only come because the wife / husband sent them. 


All of these observations play a vital role for you as a “Health Detective” because if the client did not want to work with you and only came because he or she had to, then your approach needs to be very different. 

In the mental chapter of the training you will learn about personality types which is a huge asset in your practice, because you can’t motivate different character types in the same way. 

The Process


Just to make sure that we are in the same boat. We are trying to create a fun practice which you makes waking up each day an enjoyment. A practice with engaged and passionate clients who work with you to achieve results. A place that makes YOU happy.

We are not trying to build a frustration practice where you pull out your hair because no one participates. And that’s why we have to filter your clients in the first step with a questionnaire.

These 200 questions will help in two ways. First you can’t miss out on any area of concern. This is super relevant and of immense help – especially in complex chronic disease cases. Second you gain insights into the above listed questions. How long does it take the client to fill out the questions. How did they answer and how complete are their observations. What are they trying to hide?

I am sure you see the value of such an intake. This first step you filters YOUR clients from those you don’t want to work with.  Clients who seek quick fixes and have no interest in participation are immediately repelled by such a long questionnaire. In the beginning we thought it was harsh how some doctors and clinics filtered their clients but it makes a lot of sense.

You don’t have the time and energy to “save” those or “educate” those who don’t actually want or value your help and expertise.

The questionnaire is designed to receive information about all aspects of their health, life and well-being. It contains questions in regards to all biological systems, diet and lifestyle habits and physiological and emotional beliefs. The questionnaire builds the initial backbone of the clients timeline and provides an understanding of event/disease progression.

Always remember. You are a guide in a healing process which requires you and the patient to be both on board. They have to do the work.


The second step is the real Physical, Mental, Vital and Spiritual evaluation. This is where you look for the WHY? 

This process isn’t guesswork or based on opinions. We use the results from the questionnaire to create a time line and mark all observations that are critical. 

Most of the time you’ll get a good indication from the answers your client gave but often the answers and certain areas need to be re-discussed. This is important because YOU show your client that YOU are listening to them. This is usually done in the first session where you get to know the client personally. 

The real beauty here is that usually for the first time the client is heard. They are taken serious and not treated like a number. It is so easy to bond in this first session as your client realises that you care about THEIR CASE and not just their purse.

We will not cover all the different areas that we check and evaluate in this section but let me reassure you, nothing is missed. We even show you how to get the right tests, where the client can order these tests and how to read and interpret them. You get everything you need to be super effective and successful. 

The Battle Plan

Always remember you may be the strategist and have the better overview but your patients or client needs to do the work. Therefore it’s good to design a program which is practical, time saving, logical and one your client understands. 

The understanding of “illness and disease” is the most powerful tool you can provide a client. Once they know why they are sick or what has driven the development of their condition you can explain WHAT can be done to address this. More often than not, clients walk out of a consult sometimes more confused than when they walk in – with a bunch of supplements which do something (hopefully good?). This needs to change. 
There was a discussion recently between cancer clients in a clinic one day on Hyperthermia where the clients simply did the treatment without knowing what was happening in their body while the other group of clients received visuals about the immune system being boosted, pathogens and cancer cells being flagged and how the body ramped up detoxification. They learned about the increase in white army soldiers and could visualise the whole process. 
The group who had received a thorough explanation and understanding of why that treatment is important and how it addresses root causes did 3 x better in the long run. 
Explaining to your clients what you try to achieve, how they can make the whole process work more effectively and how you plan to monitor progress – makes a world of a difference. In the final training of the course we show you exactly that. 
I hope this lesson has given you some more clarity on how you too can change the world in big ways.