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The Issue With Chemotherapy…

Thank you for all your feedback on last week’s email “Have you been diagnosed with Cancer?”.

Our inbox is always a safe space for you to share… and it seems that you’ve all had different experiences. Some alright, some bad, some downright terrible with very few having good or great experiences within the conventional world. I guess, it’s what’s drawn you towards Truly Heal and functional medicine in general.

We receive messages like these recent ones all the time:

“Hi, my wife has cancer. Diagnosed on June 26 as ovarian cancer. Since then she has had 3 rounds of chemotherapy and the cancer has spread to her liver, spleen, there’s a spot on her lung and lesions on her pelvic bone. We have 5 children with the youngest being 3 years old. I heard Marcus talk on a podcast. Can you please help us?

“I am so glad to have found this site and your article I believe it is an answer to prayer for my sister. My sister has taken six rounds of chemo, it’s not working she was sent home, her body is devastated, she’s lost so much weight and it really hurts to see her like this. “

“I was diagnosed with right breast cancer in October 2019. As of December, it is stage 4 metastatic. Primary site right breast and then went to right lung, liver, bones, pericardium. Currently, I have a catheter to drain at home excess fluid from my right pleural space. I don’t know where to begin…”

“Chemotherapy, yes, no, maybe? This is a painful question for me from experience. My mom and close family have opted for chemo in the past and because we didn’t understand it nor the options available to help counter short and long term negatives, every single one ended poorly. Every single one ended up with more cancers and in my mom’s case every chemo round seemed to correlate to a new cancer within a few years. So after two rounds she was diagnosed with two cancers later. Three rounds three cancers. Sadly the doctors gave up and so did she and she finished in a hospice.”

These messages are gut wrenching.


We always view things from a functional and individual view point. You’ll find that there are SOME people can successfully use chemotherapy as a treatment tool. The issue is that the number of people who benefit is much lower than you’d expect. Simply put, it can work for some cancers (especially blood cancers) and only if your able to detoxify the chemo agent.

The problem with chemotherapy is that it’s extremely toxic. Its primary goal is to obliterate cancer cells and while doing so it will also obliterate healthy cells. The drug was designed as a killing machine. If your body is able to survive, if the cancer is gone before you are, then it’s deemed a success. I say this harshly because it destroys your immune system leaving you weak, it damages your gut hindering absorption of nutrients, and causes nerve damages. Once the treatment is done, your sent on your merry way with the hope that the cancer doesn’t return.

My question for you is how can you expect to eradicate this condition and retore your health with poison? What you are left with is a body that is very vulnerable and requires more support than ever to clean up the toxic mess before it can return to a state where healing is possible again.

The key is to treat the underlying causes of the problem, and the problem will no longer exist. That may be simplifying it a little, but not by much. Cancer lives and thrives in certain environments. It loves low oxygen levels. It loves high acidity. It loves sugar. It grows and feeds off sugar. It loves a weakened immune system. If you change the environment to one where cancer simply cannot survive, it will no longer feel the need to live inside your body. Killing cancer cells without harming healthy cells is the key to success.

When you go into a clinic in Germany, they use every tool in their arsenal to stop progression and to get you into a stable state. These tools are not only supporting each other, they also cover different aspects of the same problem. The advantage of using all at once often makes the difference.

Our goal is to discuss how you can save thousands of dollars by replicating what German clinics do. Knowing that money doesn’t grow on trees and cancer can be a very expensive disease to treat. So, isn’t it possible to do so in an affordable manner? Let us show you how.

So… What can you do????


If you have no idea where to start and need guidance then this is the link to book a consultation with one of us. It can be very overwhelming to even comprehend what we share in our videos and newsletters. Especially if “cause finding” is still a new or confusing concept. It takes a while to shift from disease treatment to cause removal. But in reality, it’s the only way to achieve lasting results.

In this consultation we will point out which therapies we believe will be most effective for you and how to combine them with supplementation and guidance. Click here


After some tests, in a clinic you are hooked to vitamins and minerals to stock you up in everything you are deficient. This can be done in a local outpatient clinic or if you have no means to do IV then work with a good nutritionist. A professional supplementation plays definitely a key role in your recovery.

And just to be clear. We are not talking about all the cancer fighting supplements like GcMaf or Laetrile a.s.o. Yes they may help in some rare cases but we rather focus on supporting your body with the necessary minerals and vitamins to achieve a healing homeostasis.


Oxygenation of the body is also an immediate key to stop progression and to give you a fighting chance. This oxygenation is done with a gentle and ever-increasing exercise program which is definitely recommended on top of everything else you do. Get the heart pumping at least a little bit.

To oxygenate the body all clinics, use Ozone as a means to increase the O2 utilisation. Dr. Schallenberger calls Ozone therapy “gentle exercise in an insufflation bag”.

You can also sit on a bike and breathe oxygen via Ardenne.

If you do hyperthermia, you can gently blow oxygen into your face. It helps with the heat and gives you added oxygen during this intense therapy. Definitely a dream combination which works wonders. If you could only do one therapy then this would be it. Oxygen with hyperthermia. Also due to the fact that Hyperthermia widens all your blood vessels and increases heart beat you have manyfold the uptake of oxygen and discharge it much more effectively in your body.

Want to learn more about ozone? Click these links:


Detoxification needs to be seriously addressed especially after you had chemo. The toxic residue needs to be eliminated. This can be done in many ways.

  • Sweating via sauna, exercise, hyperthermia, clay bath, poultices, coffee enemas
  • PEMF with binders detoxify-with-high-intensity-pemf
  • Chelation in a clinic
  • Oral chelation via Blackbox


Many of us have a large amount of chemical toxicity and plastic microfibre toxicity completely confusing our hormone system. This is when ozone therapy adds a chemical detox which is unparalleled.


Infections need to be reduced as fast as possible. We speak about MOULD (fungi), BACTERIA and VIRUS. Any infection drives cancer, reduces detoxification and creates inflammation. That’s why there is no way around.

  • Ozone therapy. It’s probably the most effective and least challenging therapy to deal with all 3 types of infections. Mould is killed with ozone and so are virus and bacteria. Whether you have candida overgrowth or papilloma virus does not matter. Ozone deals with all of them.
  • Hyperthermia is just as effective. The heat flags all pathogens equally and the increased immunity then eradicates cancer cells, virus, fungi and bacteria. Hyperthermia once a week is like a one stop shop against cancer, infections, inflammation and toxicity. The added effect of increasing oxygenation is unparalleled.
  • Certain herbal complexes can also address specific infections.-


We were unable to get stock for such a long time so this a really excited announcement.

Many of you have sent us messages, asking when, when, when will it be back. And the answer is finally here! 



Stress must go. There is no way to heal while stressed, in fear or in a depressed state. Healing has also nothing to do with FIGHTING the disease. It’s not a fight at all. It’s choosing, yourself, self-love, self-worth, life, joy, gratitude and learning how to harness those is key.
Some really beautiful things to incorporate are:

  • Private time. Take some time out and look after yourself. You can do whatever feels good to you. Have a massage, footbath, enema, floating tank, meditation, breathing exercise, and so much more. This is total you time. If you want to combine ME-time with exercise then that’s even better.
  • Practice consciousness. This means to become conscious of your thoughts and emotions. We do this by means of a reminder. On our apple phone we use a Mindfulness Bell which sounds a gentle Tibetan bell randomly 2 times per hour. When the bell sounds, we become conscious of where our mind is. Brooding or churning problems on repeat? Or rather in the now enjoying what we do.
  • When you become conscious you always have a choice. Having bad thoughts and negative emotions is by choice. You choose to be angry and to stay in anger. It may feel good for a while but then… You can just as well choose to be calm and focus on happy thoughts. We often start a process of “count your blessings in that moment”. Being grateful for my family, that the food is plentiful, that the house is warm or that I have warm clothes in the cold. There are always 100 things to be grateful for and to list them in each situation is like a happiness-potion.
  • Turn medical therapy into wellness sessions with good music, candle light and good therapeutic essential oils. Treat your body like a queen or king. Again, it’s a choice to think “Oh I have to do this crappy treatment now” or rather say I am going to boost my immune cells with the most wonderful therapy there is and I’ll enjoy the richness that comes as a result.


You may have noticed that I did not mention PEMF in this listing. PEMF is a luxury therapy that helps with each of the headlines above. It is a super tool to give you a fighting chance and more energy to heal, but it’s also one of the most expensive tools in your arsenal. If money is tight, you should always go for Ozone and Hyperthermia first. If money is not an issue then PEMF is without a doubt a top therapy to include on your cancer journey.

Combining hyperthermia and ozone results in the most effective oxygen boost which means you give yourself the greatest fighting chance in the shortest amount of time. Intense detox combined with an incredible immune boost can’t be beaten. Combined with good nutrition and supplementation you can shift mountains.


Yes, we truly believe that everyone has the chance to heal. Not by fighting the disease but by making the body healthy. By removing the causes of disease and by supporting the bodies healing functions.


Would you like to join us for a webinar? We thought it may help you if you can ask questions and pick our brain.
How about you send us your questions and we prepare a super practical and helpful webinar which will address all of your concerns.

We will be announcing the webinar soon – so stay tuned! 

  • Become A TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

    Start an exciting career as a functional medicine health coach and help your clients live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

  • The FREE Functional Medicine Training will give you insights into the workings of a TRULYHEAL Health Coach. You will learn that treating the patient and not the disease makes the real difference.

  • Learn how to save thousands of $$ for treatments you can easily do at home. 

  • Watch “TRULY HEAL from CANCER” now completely Free! You have also access to the original version “CANCER is curable NOW”

  • Learn more about PEMF Therapy at the PEMF Expert academy

  • At the O3 academy we will show you how to set up a little home clinic to treat many different maladies like open wounds, infections, cancer or even leaky gut. 

  • At the HYPERTHERMIA academy you can learn how every German clinic uses fever therapy once a week to boost the immune system, increase white blood cell count and detoxifies the body like little else. 

  • Providing You Truly Unique & Effective Vitamin Supplements

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    1. Thank you for this wonderful news about Cancer Treatments. What about Basil Cell Cancers on the skin?
      What treatments would you recommend ??


      Beverly Caudill

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