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The TRULYHEAL APP is exclusively available to our Functional Medicine Health Coaches. This training will outline how the APP is used and what treasures of information it contains. The TRULY HEAL APP is the culmination of years of research and experience at your fingertips. 

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Functional Medicine APP!

CHANGE is unavoidable if you don’t want to miss the biggest revolution in medicine since the discovery of hygiene in 1844 by Ignaz Semmelweis.  We all know that medicine for degenerative and chronic diseases is outdated, ineffective and driven by pharmaceutical corporations who only care about sales. 

More practitioners than ever are dissatisfied with their results and seek solutions that work. Especially in a time where diseases are much more mysterious and compounded by a multitude of influences (causes) making them very hard to categorize and diagnose.

Functional medicine has proven to be the most effective medical process to deal with chronic degenerative diseases to date. It’s outstanding results become more widely known all over the world. Unfortunately there are still not enough pioneering health practitioners to make an earth shattering difference.

That’s why we have decided to support practitioners with a APP that gives them not only a process that is proven to work, but also an encyclopaedia  of knowledge, experience and insights to make their work more effective and much easier.   



Long consultations especially for patient intake  (profitability and private health care)

Consultations which last on average 7 minutes are nowhere near enough to understand patients complicated health status. The art of in depth questioning, examining patient history and building rapport has been lost in favor of fast turnaround and quick fixes.

Most practitioners are well aware that there is a growing body of patients seeking such real solutions but they are scared to make the change to private health care and to charge clients privately.  

SOLUTION:  A big part of our work is the education of patients. Conscious and educated patients demand the best care and treatment and are happy to pay for practitioners who help resolve their health issues once and for all. Most functional medicine practitioners are booked out for months and some of our top specialists have waiting lists for up to 2 years and clients are happy to pay top $$ if they get real help. 

Functional medicine is called “the new form of medicine” which is publicized by popular teachers like Bruce Lipton and Dean Onrish and Mark Hyman. Very soon this modern form of medicine will represent all “go to practitioners”who can resolve problems once and for all. Even Obama called it Precision medicine” Therefore it’s essential to learn as soon as possible about functional medicine before all the good spots are gone and it’s harder to make yourself a name. 


Extensive note-taking requirements (organisation)

Organizing notes in many different areas of health (different body systems, deficiencies, toxicity, inflammations, hormone related problems, lifestyle  and emotional trauma) can become the biggest stumbling stone for every practitioner.

How often are you digging though piles of notes trying to find where you made an important recommendation or whats due back from the lab. How often do you spend time reading through notes, instead of focussing on the patient?

Finding notes related to all the different problems and monitoring a patients progress is often a massive problem that patients complain about.     “My doctor spend 15 min searching through notes and then could not even remember what he had recommended last time”.

With the TRULY HEAL – APP this has been solved through a very detailed filter system and categorization, which allows note-taking and flagging of different areas of concern for immediate recall. With one glimpse you can see what’s marked with alarm, which results are expected back from the lab and what has been prescribed last. Even team notes are immediately visible with one single click. This allows every practitioner to be up to date with every client and to have a productive next session. 


Detailed patient intake to cover all aspects of health

To learn about all aspects of health and how they are interlinked is a demanding process. But to create a questionnaire which reflects all these different health concerns is a much bigger job than many doctors expect. We have been told repeatedly that a questionnaire is on their agenda since many months / years yet it’s hard to find the time to create one. 

With the TRULY HEAL – APP this has been solved through the inbuilt questionnaire and the timeline, that has been compiled from the experience of world leading experts in each field. This questionnaire is an artwork in it self because it covers all body systems and gives an incredible insight into all possible root causes that can trigger a disease.


A truly holistic approach 

Learning from the best experts in the world gave us a huge advantage to evaluate protocols that really work. This is especially true when you consider mental and emotional issues as well as lifestyle choices that require change.

Dean Ornish demonstrated in a large study that when patients learn how to live a more successful life and have the tools to deal with stress over 500 gene expressions change and allow the body to heal. In the same way Bruce Lipton shows that influencing the environment of the patient plays an extremely important role in modulating health.  

The TRULY HEAL – APP includes an extensive educational database of very effective remedies, tools and exercises on how a practitioner can help their patients overcome mental and emotional problems and how to deal with lifestyle stress with many tips from leading experts in the field. The APP contains exercises for changing believes, resolving trauma and to overcome the fear of life. 


Many different areas of expertise need to be covered   (Overwhelming)

Whatever area is not in your field of awareness will be overlooked in a patients evaluation. This can be as simple as a deficiency, the correct test to determine the validity of a deficiency, or it can be the interaction with other problems that may not be as obvious. No one can know everything.

The TRULY HEAL – APP provides a practitioner all the expertise they need, nicely sorted into all the different areas of concern, that can contribute to disease or prevent recovery. Due to the collaboration of practitioners in different areas of health the database of information is constantly evolving and enables every practitioner to be part of a cutting edge solution.


Priority planning of main causes that prevent healing 

In a normal scenario the most pressing health concern / symptom  is treated  first. In functional medicine the practitioner searches for the underlying causes which can drive several of the issues. This search can reveal a multitude of causes that need to be addressed in order to achieve significant results. To remain within a patients budget and not to overwhelm a client with too many tasks it is therefore important to prioritise the treatment protocol and to deal with issues first that bring the most significant improvements.

With the TRULY HEAL – APP this process is greatly simplified with the initial patient intake where problematic causes can be flagged according to different areas of concern. These areas are refined and a priority plan is completed as a timeline is established and specific investigations have occurred. All follow up consultations are simply following the systematic protocol that has been established during the patient intake.


Functional tests and treatments for a huge variety of causes and imbalances 

Functional medicine is often reliant on functional testing to determine root causes and confirm the observations from the questionnaire. There are many tests which are relevant while others lead to inferior results. Knowing which test to conduct when is of vital importance. 

The same is valid for treatments. Not every practitioner is aware of all the different options they have to resolve a root cause.

The TRULY HEAL – APP provides an extensive database of information relating to functional testing for all relevant causes and factors that lead to ill health. It also has all possible the treatments listed together with research and extracts that can be looked up for reference.

This database is actively transformed by the experience of all participating users/practitioners and we are constantly evolving to provide the latest remedies, treatments, information and functional testing which is unanimously confirmed by experts and the APP’s users.


Up to date insights of cutting edge discoveries 

Most health practitioners have little opportunity to learn from other experts all over the world and in different areas of health. Especially when they are tied down in their own practice.  Therefore they miss many advances that may be already be proven to work for different forms of disease.  Another very challenging aspect is that the private market is it’s highly competitive and that cutting edge information takes a very long time to become available for all.

The community provided by the TRULY HEAL – APP provides practitioners access to a wealth of knowledge, understanding and practicality they would otherwise struggle to get. Health is a complicated field and without support and collaboration stagnation is inevitable. We therefore encourage all our practitioners to actively engage with us to transform how degenerative diseases are treated world wide. 


If you haven’t joined TRULY HEAL – APP community, do so today and experience for yourself how this tool can completly transform you clinical practice.


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