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Therapies You Can Do At Home

Throughout our journey over the past 18 years, travelling around the world, visiting holistic clinics and speaking to countless doctors we learnt about many different treatments. Some of these treatments worked really well whereas others did not have enough substantial success or validation.

Fortunately, over the years we found that three treatments were consistently showing excellent results and all tree treatments were utilized in all major clinics around the world. These three treatments are: Ozone therapy, Hyperthermia and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy. They not only have excellent clinical results but are also extensively researched. 

Learning more and more about these therapies, we continued to expand our education to understand how they work, why they work, and when they work best. Our passion for knowledge resulted in our additional travels to meet with expert doctors, attend international conferences and study numerous research papers. Through this we were able to compile everything we had learnt into three individual academies: O3 academy, hyperthermia academy and PEMF expert academy.

Unfortunately, Europe is currently the only country which offers all three treatments to their patients. Ozone for example legally approved in Germany, Switzerland, India, Cuba and some states of the USA is prohibited in Australia, New Zealand and UK. Additionally to the challenge to find doctors who offer this therapy you have to calculate the cost which can very easily get out of control. 

It is our desire to help individuals achieve optimal health with unbiased education. You can easily do these treatments at home and save thousands of $. To learn how and how to stay safe visit our O3 academy, Hyperthermia academy and PEMF expert academy to learn more about these treatments.

PEMF Therapy

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy is very beneficial as a complimentary therapy for all types of disease states, health conditions, rejuvenation and well-being goals. PEMF enhances every cell function in your body by increasing your cell membrane potential. This results in better electrical and chemical processes in the cells and tissues, greater detoxification capacity, faster healing of tissues, especially bones and supports of cellular energy, resulting in better cellular health and function.

Overall, PEMF therapy supports all other treatment modalities by enhancing cellular function.

Ozone Therapy:

Ozone treatments are highly valued for various effects.

The effects include:

  • Antimicrobial (killing of pathogens)
  • Anti-hypoxic (increasing Oxygen in your body),
  • Analgesic (pain relief),
  • Immune modulating (supporting the function of your immune system)
  • Improving anti-oxidants levels (fighting your free radicals)
  • Increasing ATP production (improving your energy levels)
  • Anti-inflammatory (reducing your chronic inflammatory conditions)
  • Supporting detoxification
  • Improving elasticity of red blood cells (decreases the thickness and viscosity of your blood and therefore enhances your blood circulation)


The benefits of ozone therapy clearly state the evident usefulness in treating myriad of pathologies as well as enhancing general well- being.

Hyperthermia Therapy:

In Europe, Hyperthermia therapy is actually recognized as the fourth pillar (after chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) in Oncology treatment. Hyperthermia has tremendous benefits in enhancing and strengthening the immune system.

Subsequently, this improves the body’s ability to deal with infections and coinfections, destroys cancer cells by activating their heat shock proteins, increases the therapeutic potential of chemotherapy and activates detoxification pathways.

Due to the fact that hyperthermia supports your immune system and at the same time detoxifies your body it can be used for many conditions.

Which Therapy Is Best For Me

Our Philosophy at TRULY HEAL is to search for the causes of disease and not just address the presenting symptoms. True healing can only occur when the causes of the disease are removed.

This is exactly what Ozone, Hyperthermia and PEMF treatments can provide. In unique ways, each of these therapies help address various common underlying factors of disease manifestation and progression. These treatments can be utilised as a prevention of disease or to assist the healing of the body.


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