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This 4 part training program is the best short cut to lean in around 4 hours what took us almost 2 decades of study and research.  You will understand why and how to treat chronic degenerative diseases and how to get best results in a very short time. This training has helped thousands to take charge of their own health and to save thousands of $$$$ in the process. 

Click on image to the right to download OZONE checklist. 

You will find CONTRAINDICATIONS and SIDE EFFECTS combined with an observation chart. 

You can use this form also when someone comes to have treatment. Let them sign that they told you about the side effects and contraindications so you are safe when they have a problem.

Products Discussed in this Webinar

O3 Power Bundle

Flags pathogens with heat shock proteins, recharges haemoglobin for better oxygen transport, stimulates the Immune system.  

Kills bacteria, fungi and mould as well as cancer cells. This is a full fledged immune booster like no other therapy. 

The O3 Power Bundle comes complete will all applicators to do rectal, vaginal, ear & sinus insufflations You can make Ozone water, bubble Ozone through olive oil and the 8 high intensity organic Ozone oils will help you deal with infections, paradontosis, warts, pimples, radiation burns, burn wounds, scars, ulcers, lessons, bedsores, diabetic neuropathy and much more. 

Ozone is Mandatory if you have ....

Ozone is a very versatile therapy which deals with all possible causes. 

One therapy that reduces inflammation, increases oxygen take up, ATP production, glycogen and resulting from that protective enzymes like glutathione peroxidase, catalase, SOD. 

These enzymes protect your healthy cells and fend of viral and bacterial infections. 

Having one therapy that does so much for you reduces the time of application and also the efficiency of other therapies 

Ozone is gentle and slow, but as you use it regularly it gains momentum and leads you slowly back to a healthy state of being.

How long that will take depends not on ozone but on how far off track you are and how consequent you avoid new contamination.

Ozone is the cheapest and most effective way to break down petrochemicals and chemical toxins in your body and to support your natural healing mechanism.

For those who understand Ozone there could not be a more pressing reason that global plandemic to start this therapy YESTERDAY.

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  1. Hello,

    What is the max gamma and duration for ear insufflation to address head cancer? will 70 gamma for 20 minutes, 3 times a day do?

    1. Ear insufflations are a local treatment for ear infections. To achieve systemic response which would effect head or brain or colon or nose cancer you will have to do rectal insufflations. They are the only ozone therapy which has systemic effects and upregulates the healing response.

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