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The TRULYHEAL APP is exclusively available to our Functional Medicine Health Coaches. This training will outline how the APP is used and what treasures of information it contains. The TRULY HEAL APP is the culmination of years of research and experience at your fingertips. 

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Lifestyle is an important factor that needs to be discussed with every client.

No long term healing without changing lifestyles which are detrimental to the health of the client

The Truly Heal Functional Medicine APP offers suggestions and guidance so that you know what needs to be addressed in regards to lifestyle factors

Step 2

In case of our client, he has problems with sleep and dietary habits

Step 3

Dietary habits are difficult to change.

Clients need a lot of education in regards to food choices (organic),

Client is overweight BMI 29.3


Breakfast: Coffee no food mostly (weekend cereal)

Morning tea: Muesli bar and meat pie

Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich with tomatoes

Afternoon tea: coffee/coke muffin

Dinner: Roast with 3 veg, pasta, fish and chips.

· 2.) Yes pie every day

· 3.) yes avoid full fat butter trying to loose weight.

· 4.) yes eats white bread (every day sandwich)

· 5.) pasta 2-3x per week pasta

· 6.) cereals in morning on weekends

· 7.) 1x per week deep fried fish and chips

· 8.) sometimes. not very often.

· 9.) Yes eats gluten

· 10.) Yes although try to avoid dairy mostly.

· 11.) yes live alone all my own food prep. often buy ready microwave meals for dinner.

· 12.) Allergic to fish and peanuts

· 13.) crave salty foods all the time. patient feels has too much salt.

· 14.) doesn’t really crave sweet foods.

· 15.) unsure about issues digesting fat. suspected issues due to gall bladder removal.

· 17.) Not hungry in mornings

· 18.) No special diets

· 20.) Eat the occasional candy bar (MARS).

· 21.) eat out most days.

· 22.) Doesn’t believe diet is the best and willing to improve however must fit into his work/lifestyle.

· 23.) No fish (anaphylactic)

· 24.) meat every day 2x


I personally have giving a handout on low carbohydrate diet

Sleeping habits

· 11pm

· 6:30 am

· Never feels rested even after 9+ hours of sleep.

· issues falling to sleep sometimes hours

· Wakes frequently and issues falling back to sleep.

· wakes for no apparent reason

· issues falling back to sleep

· does not feel refreshed

· Not hungry in the morning

· low energy throughout the day

· 3/10 energy

· afternoon worse time.

· naps on weekends.

Identify what type of issues the patient has with sleep and use the information to identify what some of the underlying factors may be. Here we can see that thyroid and adrenals are implicated. Furthermore the hormone Melatonin may be affected.

Talked to client regarding sleep hygiene.

Investigated further into how we can support his sleep at this time. Therefore we have come up with a simple prescription of magnesium citrate 400mg before bed and 30ml sour cherry juice before bed. Sour cherry juice contains melatonin and has been shown to support sleep maintenance.

This concludes the most pressings issues that we saw presenting in our questionnaire regarding lifestyle factors. I will continue to monitor these changes and support and/or intervene where needed.


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