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Find & Remove The Cause Of Disease?

Marcus and Sabrina Freudenmann’s journey began in 1999, when a dear friend was diagnosed with a terminal disease, cancer. As their friend’s health declined, they observed how conventional treatments for the disease offered very little hope.

As a naturopath, Sabrina knew more treatment options were possible. Searching for answers and other treatment possibilities, Marcus and Sabrina stumbled into a minefield of contradictory and overflowing information. Everyone had a solution, but which was the right approach? Unfortunately, within 12 very short months their friend’s disease had aggressively progressed and she passed away leaving a heavy mark on their hearts.

With the death of their friend, Marcus and Sabrina’s feeling of grief and helplessness ignited a passion. Searching the internet, meeting local experts and accumulating information surrounding cancer, disease prevention and psychology, the pair started as MAX Awareness.

Although having learnt a lot, the thoughts and questions they both had surrounding cancer weren’t being answered. They wanted to understand cancer, learn what causes such a disease and what you can be done about it? Unsatisfied with the conflicting information and evidence they decided it was time to get face to face with the truth.

As their new path continued to become clear, Sabrina developed her own curriculum and homeschooled all four kids.

Marcus and Sabrina felt it was important to lead by example and show their four children, Benedict, Manuel, Deborah and Benjamin that you can change the world if you have the passion and dedication to do so.

In 2009, they sold their house, packed away all their belongings and with four kids and six suitcases commenced the adventure of a lifetime.

The Freudenmann family travelled the world for almost three years to meet experts in the field of alternative cancer treatments. The journey took them to Thailand, all through India, Mexico, then all over Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Their mission was to create a film about natural cancer treatments that would “wake up the world”.

Visiting over a hundred of the world’s leading clinics, doctors and specialists who deal with cancer every day. This resulted in the documentary “Cancer is Curable NOW” which was produced by Marcus and launched in 2011.

Shortly after the documentary was released, Marcus and Sabrina authored Healing Cancer with Common Sense – the official workbook to the movie. Although proud of their achievements, the documentary and workbook, didn’t gain the momentum or publicity they had hoped for. Marcus and Sabrina admitted to being naive about the controversy and repercussions they would experience from the title “Cancer is Curable NOW”. 

Their goal was to educate people and provide the public with knowledge and information that was unbiased and all encompassing. However, the title put them into the category of selling cures and providing propaganda.

In 2014, Marcus and Sabrina abandoned “Cancer is Curable NOW” and re-named and re-branded their company, website and mission statement to reflect what they had always wanted to portray to the world. With the help of their sons Manuel, a graphic designer and photographer, and Benjamin, the videographer of the family, the transformation to TRULY HEAL was completed.

The TRULY HEAL logo was designed to represent a unique philosophy of health and disease manifestation which had slowly developed over the years.  The TRULY HEAL philosophy takes into account every aspect relevant to health and disease manifestation.

Trulyheal Course DVD

In 2015, the couple received a contract from a holistic cancer clinic in Germany to write a TRULY HEAL Protocol that could be implemented into their practice. This sparked the idea to transform everything they had learned over the years into a health coaching program.

Benedict and Deborah became a vital part of the company – Benedict, their eldest son with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Nutritional Medicine, and their daughter Deborah with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Naturopathy. The first edition of the coaching program was written by Sabrina, Marcus, Benedict and Deborah and primarily focused on cancer. However, over the years the health coaching course expanded to become one of the top Functional Medicine Health Coaching Courses for all chronic degenerative diseases. 


Sabrina Freudenmann

Sabrina is the director of the TRULY HEAL Academy, author and head practitioner of the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coaching program. She has a degree as a Naturopath and has been practicing for the past 18 years. She continuously adds up to date research, emerging content and discusses new and relevant topics with her students. Sabrina is dedicated and passionate about changing the way healthcare is viewed today through cause finding and comprehensive understanding.

Marcus Freudenmann

Producer of the documentary “CANCER is curable NOW” and directors cut “TRULY HEAL from CANCER” and director of the TRULY HEAL academy. Marcus has dedicated his life to educating the public on how to perform therapies, which are proven to work in many international clinics and at home, saving patients money. Marcus travels regularly around the world determined to provoke change by educating on cause finding and alternative cancer therapies. Marcus offers support to many in the form of newsletters, webinars and videos including the education of Ozone, PEMF and Hyperthermia treatments.


Deborah Freudenmann

Deborah, is co-director of the TRULY HEAL Academy and co-author and teacher of the Functional Medicine Health Coaching program. She continues to research, write and educate. With a passion for education Deborah has found her interest discovering and assimilating the newest research and finding ways to apply this research. In doing so Deborah continues to investigate and educate people on understanding, finding and resolving the underlying causation of chronic diseases.

Benedict Freudenmann

Benedict went on to co-found the TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Practitioner Application with Marcus and Sabrina. In Germany, Benedict worked as a Clinical Nutritionist at an alternative cancer clinic. He currently works in his own private practice in Hobart, Tasmania, and also conducts TRULY HEAL cause evaluations for international clients. Benedict has found his strength in investigating, understanding and treating complex cases.
trulyheal staff

It has always been their dream to make a real difference in the lives of people suffering from chronic degenerative illness. To educate and build a bridge between holistic and conventional medicine, based on trust, compassion, accountability, comprehensive knowledge and understanding. The TRULY HEAL company has always been family owned and operated, this unique aspect has kept the sole integrity for what TRULY HEAL stands for and continues to strive for.

The Freudenmann family’s dream is to inspire, educate and provide individuals with the knowledge, tools and motivation to truly heal.


Trulyheal Course DVD

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