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The Functional Medicine Academy gives you access to everything you need to heal from any chronic disease. We will also  show you how to start a thriving health coaching business, or grow your current wellness practice.

We Are Facing A Global Pandemic of
Chronic Disease

With over 60% of adults in the US managing a chronic disease (and 40% with two or more diseases), effective health care is more important than ever.

Yet, our current health system constantly leaves people saying….

That's not how healing should be!

Don’t we all deserve the right to understand WHY we are sick? And learn about all the options we have to heal? And ask as many questions about our care as we like?

YOU Can Make a Difference

If you’re here, you are seeking a better way to achieve health, whether for yourself, your family or your clients. The good news is that we don’t have to suffer from chronic disease, and healing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, health is common sense when you focus on the root of the problem.

What if you could…

cancer is curable now

It’s all possible when you enrol in the Functional Medicine Academy!

Watch the Last Student Intake Webinar

Want to learn more about the TRULY HEAL academy?

If you have missed the last intake you can watch it to the left. 

For those who still want to join, here is the special webinar price this month only $4000 instead of $6500 and the link to the cart. 

Do not hesitate. This special price will expire this the coming weekend. 

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Greg Barsten, Chiropractor

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

I have been involved in Functional Medicine for 28 years and I am most pleasantly surprised at the cohesiveness and comprehensiveness of this course. I have not seen such a program anywhere else. This is something that has the potential to become huge and that’s an understatement. I am over the top excited and cannot recommended this course more highly to anyone who is interested in improving their own health, anyone who wants to start a career as a health coach, or current health professionals.

Starting Your New Future
in Healing is Simple

Every month we take in a new group of students during the webinar. This ensures that you meet your teachers, see in detail what you get and how the process works. You will understand our philosophy and reasoning behind the TRULY HEAL approach and if it resonates with you we both know that we are a match. 

The big difference is that we are not selling a coaching program which is auto corrected and completely anonymous, but rather try to create an inspired community of likeminded people who have a true passion for health.  

To join please follow these 3 steps to join the TRULY HEAL academy / community

1. Watch the Webinar

Start your functional medicine journey by joining us for an in-depth webinar on how healing can be achieved. This information will help you in your own healing journey whether you join the academy or not. Our goal has always been to provide you with helpful information first. 

2. Discover the power of functional medicine.

You can sign up during the webinar, if you feel that the academy is the right place for you, 

  • to either start your personal healing journey 
  • step into the world of coaching
  • to enhance your existing practice

We offer different payment options and payment plans to help you out. 

If you already have a health education and want to complete your practice by finding the underlying causes and offer proper advice on therapies and treatments you’ve come to the right place. You will find that our process can be added to every medical or wellness application with ease.

3. Change the future of health.

As mentioned before, the world needs you as an inspiration and guide. There are so few who have not been sucked into the present model of sick care. Prescribing medicine or natural remedies as if health could be sold by the pound. We need conscious supporters and coaches who can lead the way. Let health be our top priority. 

Watch the Last Student Intake Webinar

Want to learn more about the TRULY HEAL academy?

If you have missed the last intake you can watch it to the left. 

For those who still want to join, here is the special webinar price this month only $4500 instead of $6500 and the link to the cart. 

Do not hesitate. This special price will expire this the coming weekend. 

Healing On All Levels

When visiting all those spectacular clinics around the world we found that many of them did not only deal with the physical component of health but they added evaluations and therapy for mental, spiritual and vital areas of life. Some with exceedingly positive results. 

In a world of specialised therapy, where most experts only see their tiny bit of the truth, we felt compelled to implement this knowledge it into our program. You will learn to analyse habits and unconscious destruction of health in areas of diet, lifestyle, environment, thought processes, self talk, stress, trauma and despair.  And we give you the most effective tools to help yourself and your clients. Tools that have stood the test of time and have been practiced in the worlds most renowned clinics with great success. . 

Mental Evaluation

Trauma, Shock, Fear, Anger, Resentment,ent, Worry, Frustration, Jealousy, Self talk, Stress

Vital Evaluation

Lifestyle habits, Drinking, Eating, Sleeping, Exercise habits, as well as Environmental Lifestyle

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Spiritual Evaluation

Life purpose, Passion, Reason to Live, Spiritual Believes, Core Believes

Physical Evaluation

Check Functionality of all Body Systems, Deficiencies, Infections, Toxicity and Imbalances

Jason Gilbert, Chiropractor

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

I can sincerely say that I am 100% satisfied with the course work I have studied and the way it is presented. I feel well rounded and totally prepared to start coaching people towards heath by focusing on the fundamentals of health and not just the effects of lack of health (symptoms and disease). TRULY HEAL teaches a system whereby the coach can tick every box and know that their client is receiving the most comprehensive assessment on the causes of lack of health, plus offer important strategies of how to obtain wellbeing. I can’t recommend this course highly enough and would encourage anyone, whether they be practicing health professionals, people with an interest in health, or those wanting to make a change in this increasingly sick and symptomatic world, to dive in. They will learn how this course can not only change their own life, but equally as important, anyone whose life will be touched by a future TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach. 


The Functional Medicine Academy
Teaches You To Be a Health Detective.

Healing in most cases has nothing to do with adding more but to remove what’s causing you to be sick. Yes, we add supplements and therapies but their main focus is to remove the root issue or to help with the clean up process.

So, what is the cause? Is it one or multiple causes? Is it hidden or obvious? In most cases it’s both. Some causes are super obvious, but others require you to understand how the body works and which systems may be impaired. Listening and understanding symptoms as messengers as well as evaluating test results becomes imperative. 

When you join the Functional Medicine Academy, you will learn to ask and answer these essential questions…

When you know the main causes and impairments you know.....

Download the 
Course Syllabus

Find out about the TRULY HEAL functional medicine academy and download our in depth course syllabus

Watch the Last Student Intake Webinar

Want to learn more about the TRULY HEAL academy?

If you have missed the last intake you can watch it to the left. 

For those who still want to join, here is the special webinar price this month only $4500 instead of $6500 and the link to the cart. 

Do not hesitate. This special price will expire this the coming weekend. 

What’s Included in the
Functional Medicine Academy?

In order to provide you with a complete package, we have combined the most essential and helpful tools to guarantee your success. The list below will outline what each of the components will assist you with. 

 Here’s what’s in store for you when you enrol…

Health Coach Certification

  • Instant Access

    You’ll get immediate access to online course material, slides, info-maps, graphs and educational videos.

    You will be guided step by step through the learning curve starting with the physical component of the body followed by vital, mental and spiritual evaluation.

    We will do case studies and sample clients and help you see the underlying causes and prepare you for the real world.

  • Self-Paced Learning

    Complete the program in as little as 5 months, or take up to 2 years (from the date of enrolment) for plenty of flexibility.

  • Lifetime Access To Course Material

    Course materials are constantly updated with new and validated research, treatments, therapies, insights and experiences.

    As a student you will be informed about all new discoveries and insights to help you in your career.

Mentorship & Guidance

Once enrolled, you’ll be assigned a personal mentor to support you through every step of the way. 

  • Feedback for Every Submission

    Our students pass with 100% because we have their backs. After every quiz you receive feedback which allows you to reflect, learn and grow.

  • Email Communication + Support

    Access your teachers Monday to Friday via email for support. Whatever it may be, our teachers are always there for you!

  • Private Online Community

    The private online community is here for you to ask questions, seek support, and celebrate your wins with like-minded functional medicine students and graduates in our private MeWe group.

  • Bi-Monthly Live Student Webinars

    We hold educational live webinars so we can all keep learning, expand our areas of interest, and keep up to date with new and emerging research! Our students and graduates can request any topic of interest, then we’ll present and end with a live Q&A.

Personal Health Coaching Mentor TRULY HEAL

Accreditation + IICT Membership

After you complete your final exam, you will receive your Functional Medicine Health Coach Certificate which allows you to become a member of the International Institute for Complementary Medicine.

  • Insurance

    Get public liability, work indemnity, and product indemnity insurance from the IICT.

  • World Wide Coverage

    IICT accreditation is available in more than 30 countries and gives you the protection you need to work in the health industry.

  • Earn Continuing Professional Development Points (CDP)

    The Functional Medicine Academy is officially certified for CDP points. If you are a qualified health professional, you will receive official CPD points after completing the course and submitting your certificate. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

Become a TRULY HEAL certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Client Management

The Truly Heal App offers a wealth of information and ease during your time at the Academy and beyond.

  • Truly Heal App

    Instead of papers, sticky notes, or a drawer full of files, you’ll have all your information in one place.

  • Simple Note Taking

    Access all your latest notes, observations, links and patient reports with a click of a button.

  • Flags and Priorities

    Flag urgent matters that need to be addressed to identify the areas of greatest priority and stay on top of your treatment plan.

  • Research and Resources

    Every test, treatment, supplement, remedy and therapy is listed with research and links to references. Just this part of the TRULY HEAL APP is worth its weight in gold.

Business Success

Along with learning the core functional medicine causes and therapies, you’ll also relieve business and product training.

product training by trulyheal
  • Business Coaching

    With this business coaching module you will gain valuable insights and knowledge for how to set up your business, how to structure sales, marketing specifics, and tips on advertising and positioning yourself as an expert.

  • Product Training

    Achieve the best results with your clients with access to our unique training for key therapies like o3 Academy, Hyperthermia Academy, and PEMF Academy.

  • Product Discount

    With your certification, you receive a personal wholesale coupon code which offers a 20% discount based on volume of sales. This allows you to purchase your own devices, showcase a product and conduct training, or sell products to clients.

Watch the Last Student Intake Webinar

Want to learn more about the TRULY HEAL academy?

If you have missed the last intake you can watch it to the left. 

For those who still want to join, here is the special webinar price this month only $4500 instead of $6500 and the link to the cart. 

Do not hesitate. This special price will expire this the coming weekend. 

Can You Make A Difference?

Let me ask you this question:

“How many people do you know that are conscious, have a deep understanding of health and the ability to help others effectively. Practitioners, naturopaths or coaches who can offer the complete approach. Where you feel safe, cared for and in competent hands??”

If your answer is not many. Then we came to the same conclusion. It’s depressing and honestly, shouldn’t it be the exact opposite?

 Believe me we have searched for those “lights” all over the world. Why do you think health shopping has become the new normal. Patients go from one practitioner to the next trying to understand why nothing they do works or has lasting results. We have witnessed hundreds of individuals trying all sorts of natural remedies or conventional therapies only to end up in the hospitals, far beyond any hope. The world is desperate.

Unfortunately, those who are conscious and “truly know what to do” are booked out for years. Some of our mentors hardly had enough time to fit us into their schedule, and only agreed to work with us because they wanted to reach more people with their helpful insights.

Our goal at the TRULY HEAL academy is to reveal you as one of these “bright lights”. We want to release you into this world as a beacon of hope ready to inspire a new generation of health conscious people.


With the Truly Heal Functional Medicine Academy approach, success is not a matter of luck but a process that you can rely on.

Whether you reverse your own disease and enjoy your life without complaints, then the value of this course would be immeasurable. Healing disease and reversing pain are the greatest services you can provide. 

If you help your clients get significant results, word of mouth will do the work for you in a matter of weeks. There is no shortage of demand! 

Client Review about trulyheal

Leigh Surgeoner

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

Thank you Marcus and Sabrina for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to research and learn through your Truly Heal Coaching Course. You have both done a huge service to everyone by compiling all the information and supports regarding holistic healing. Thank you for all that you both have done

Is The Functional Medicine Academy 
For You?

I’m sure, if you’ve read all the above, without closing the window, you likely don’t belong into the specific category of people which we do not want in our program. But just to make it very clear. We have a “code of conduct” that we will not compromise. 

The academy is NOT a fit for you if you are ...

The Academy is perfect for you if you ...

Watch the Last Student Intake Webinar

Want to learn more about the TRULY HEAL academy?

If you have missed the last intake you can watch it to the left. 

For those who still want to join, here is the special webinar price this month only $4500 instead of $6500 and the link to the cart. 

Do not hesitate. This special price will expire this the coming weekend. 

Nina Nohejlova

TRULY HEAL Functional Medicine Health Coach

The knowledge that I gathered in this course is very hard to find in any one place elsewhere. I really enjoyed that they didn’t miss one single topic of what I thought was important. They covered all topics in-depth. The guidance throughout the course and supervision from my teacher Sabrina was excellent. I got honest and very personal feedback. When I flunked the topic, I was forced to redo it. Many experiences like this gave me confidence that this is a course that is aimed at really teaching you. I knew for certain that somebody has read my homework, thought about it and commented. My questions were always answered.

Client Review about trulyheal

Speak With Deborah About The Coaching Program

If you would like to join the academy prior to any of the monthly webinars please contact Deborah. 

The easiest way is by sending her a message so she can call you back. Please do NOT forget to add your phone number and country of residence so that we don’t call you in the middle of the night. 

We look forward speaking with you. 

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