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Our whole world has come to a stop in 2020 . This instigated a change which will continue to transform the ways we live and communicate and earn our living for years to come. Jobs that were in high demand do no longer exist. Work that was important is no longer available.

Have you found a way to keep food on the table without doing the work you did before?

If you are looking for a chance to earn a good income with honest work in this new online aera then this is YOUR opportunity.


Once you have signed up to become an affiliate HERE you will receive the first email with your welcome, links and instructions. This email is prepared for you with your links already embedded, hyperlinked and you get the link Seperately as well. All you need to do is to copy and paste. 

Open up VISITS  and check if there are any. Then go back to the email and click a few. Then go back to VISITS and see if they have registered. This way you can see if they work. 


It’s the same effort, whether you promote ozone oils which give you a $9 commission or a PEMF device which gives you a commission of $900 to $3600. Identically the same. So why not start with something that increases your chance to get hooked to affiliate marketing. When you have 3 or 4 notifications per month for a high price ticket you know that this is worth the tiny amount of effort it takes to share your passion. 

Links in emails and on your own website can be HYPERLINKED while posts to Facebook and other social media sites are far better CLOAKED


In the next email we will share links with you which showcase how PEMF can be used for different diseases. This way you widen your reach. 

And don’t forget to use images as well. They usually attract more clicks that text links. 


PEMF is very easy to sell. First off it’s a couch potato therapy. No effort required as you can do it while watching your favourite TV show. It feels good and it helps in 90% of all cases. It’s such a powerful tool that some doctors said they would use it before and after every other therapy in order to have always a better outcome. 

When your prospects are excited, have seen one or 2 videos, and are ready primed, then you invite them to the PEMF WEBINAR. It’s the final turning point and many will buy. Our last PEMF webinar had a conversion rate of 25%. Thats phenomenal for such a high price point. Plus we follow up with those who were on the call and check if there is anything we can do to help. 

Your webinar invitation will be sent to you in that email with text suggestions as well and all your links embedded. 


Then this is your best promotional opportunity. We just launched the service and it’s going to be your big chance to turn this into a full time income. Either you list your device yourself or you send us an email with photos and description and we set up your device for you. 

Being able to show the device before a sale is phenomenal. Especially as you have a link to purchase and a coupon code to share. 

Whether you attract clients that want treatment or you simply show to sell is up to you. In any case it’s a free promotion that seldom comes so easy. 

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