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This is where you see how many clicks you had, and how many were converted. This conversion can be 3% to 30% dependent on the target audience. I have used this account to advertise via FACEBOOK posts and YOUTUBE comments and achievved a 10% conversion.

Some of our affiliates who have a very clean target audience can convert up to 30%. What I mean with that is that when you have an audience with CANCER and you have several helpful articles about cancer then such a conversion if easy. If your audience however consists of beauty therapists and dermatologists you will have a lower conversion. In that case you would rather advertise Hyperthermia to removve celolite and Ozone for skin repair and beauty therapy.


Referrals show you what you have sold. This is very helpful to know if yiou want to focus on products which seem to be liked and accepted by your audience. Now everybody is ready to jump into a hyperthermia dome, but most people will stick a red light up their nose if they are convinced it helps. Especially if their condition is met.


Here you see hich referrals have been paid. We do not pay individual referrals but a sum total at the 15th of the month. Again, this page shows you as well which products sell easy to your audience and what should be pushed.

This is where I found out that PEMF is actually super easy to sell. People want PEMF and even if you say Ozone would be more helpful in their case and much cheaper, they still want and buy a PEMF. So why not advertise this directly. It pays more and is just as easy to sell to wide range of target audiences.


Only people who have clicked your link are tracked. If you send out an affiliate link you can see where your referrals end up in their research.


This is a game changer. If you have warmed up a prospect and educated them with a few articles, webinars and videos, and they are at the brink of purchasing, send them your coupon code. This code is linked to your affiliate account. If they use your affiliate coupon code the referral is assigned to your account and you receive commission.

If you send the coupon code right from the start it has far less effects than if you send it as a special to push them over the line. Education first.


If you have a website it’s wise to combine products with education. So if you write about warts for example and educate your clients how ozone oils kill of the virus that causes the wart, you will have no problems to link the sale directly to the product.

<a href="" title="OZONE OILS"><img src="" alt="OZONE OILS" /></a>

Warts can be easily removed with ozone oils. If you use ozone oil on your warts for a couple of days the viral infection dies off and the warts disappear. Order your ozone oils here.


If you want to receive your commission you need to enter your paypal email on this page. We pay a total per month to this email address via PayPal Payouts.

If you enable Referral Notifications you receive an email, notifying you of the sale. This is a very cool motivational tool. Especially when you just sold a PEMF device. Time to celebrate and intensify your promotions.


If you have a website and don’t want to bother with individual affiliate links, you can submit your website for DIRECT LINK approval. Once approved you can simply link to our website without using your affiliate code.

Instead of using  you would simply link to

This option only works when your website is approved. You do not need to submit facebook  or social media pages. Only personal websites.

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