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Deborah Freudenmann BHSc

TRULY HEAL is an independent family enterprise dedicated to creating a healthier future. We teach patients, practitioners, and coaches how to find and cure the true causes of disease so they can live life to the fullest.

Each of us at TRULY HEAL has a unique and extensive background in holistic medicine. And, as you’ll see, we’ve all had our fair share of motivating challenges, health struggles, and wellness victories that have inspired us to help people like you.

Ready to meet the TRULY HEAL team who will be leading you to a healthier future? Let’s go!

Hi, I’m Sabrina

Director of the Truly Heal Academy, qualified Naturopath

Way back when, I was by definition a true German hippie. I would wear my sustainable and super alternative clothing, use little to no makeup (and if I did, it was always natural). I strived to eat organic when possible and purchase foods from our local farm.
But, despite my focus on a healthy lifestyle, I struggled. I worked in a lab at the time that manufactured skincare products and makeup. I was exposed to toxic chemicals like formaldehyde daily! Eventually, I was pressured to actually use these products myself and wear makeup every day to work. That was just not me!

I left that job and turned to medicine. I wanted to help others heal with a natural approach, which ultimately led me to naturopathy. This felt much more aligned with my philosophy.

When my first-born son, Benedict, was born, he suffered from severe eczema. This was certainly a challenging and devastating experience. As a mother and practitioner, I felt like I had let my child down, that I should be better, do more….

If you’re a parent, or have ever tried to heal your own health issues, you know how frustrating the constant search for solutions can be. Thankfully, we found relief after a holiday in New Zealand. The lower stress and less toxic environment of New Zealand allowed our family to relax – and our son’s skin to heal.

We immigrated soon after so we could live this balanced life every day on our holistic farm. Our journey ultimately landed in Australia which is where I started home-schooling the kids. It’s safe to say that education and teaching are two things that somehow came naturally to me!

Amidst raising and homeschooling my children, I never lost sight of my passion for health. I continued my work as a naturopath to help clients who suffered from chronic degenerative diseases. Our travels around the world, interviews with experts, and functional medicine practice not only shaped myself as a person, but as a health professional and mother.

These days, I am still a bit of a hippie and an absolute research geek. It is my greatest pleasure to teach students in our course on functional medicine. Healing through functional medicine is one of my biggest passions and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Hi, I’m Marcus

Director of the Truly Heal Academy

My childhood and young adult years were certainly very different to Sabrina’s.
I grew up in a family where my non-rebellious behaviour was rewarded with a Snickers bar. Mind you, I can’t blame my parents as I was quite the rebel…I was always up to no good and without a doubt put my parents under a lot of stress.

And so my addiction to sweets and soft drinks started as a young boy and the habit continued into my young adult years. To make matters worse, access to healthy habits like exercise and healthy eating were extremely limited. Who eats vegetables and salads? Instead, my diet consisted of baked goods, pastries, meat and potato dishes, puddings, and tiramisu. I certainly wasn’t complaining!
Everything changed when I married Sabrina. To be honest, it was like two worlds colliding. Everything about Sabrina’s “healthy world” was new to me. And I’ll admit, I didn’t always comply. Far from it. I slipped up and fell back into my old habits or “cheated” every now and again.

As my kids grew up, I remember they started checking the side pockets of my doors in the car for evidence. “Daaaad. You ate (insert unhealthy food here), how could you?”
I got a little better at hiding the evidence for a while, but the truth comes out one way or another. Then, life threw a few challenges my way that finally motivated me to change my course for good.

I won’t lie, I hated each and every challenge I had to overcome! Changing habits – especially habits so ingrained from my childhood – isn’t easy. It’s hard.
This journey into health, as unplanned as it was, has been a huge blessing in disguise. As an architect by trade, I certainly didn’t expect to have a family-based company that educates people from around the world on “HEALTH.” In fact, if you’d have told 20-year-old me where I would be today, I would have laughed!
If I can change, you can change. Since embarking on this journey with my family, it has been my mission to dedicate my life to educating the public on functional medicine and proven therapeutic treatments.

Hi, I’m Deborah

Co-Director of Truly Heal, qualified Naturopath 

It seems like wellness has always interested me, likely because of my parent’s deep passion for holistic medicine! I suppose the health world was just my “normal” growing up.
Along with my three brothers, I finished most of our education through home-schooling. As you may know, we traveled on a two-and-a-half-year journey around the world interviewing doctors, specialists, and scientists from around the globe. This was an incredible and life changing experience that provided me with the amazing opportunities I have now.
But, when it came time to decide what I wanted to do with my career and future, things weren’t so obvious. I won’t lie, I tried to think of anything to do other than health! I considered everything from pursuing a business degree to enrolling into a midwifery program. Eventually, I finally realized that my passion and mission is – and would always be – holistic medicine.
Growing up with such a health-conscious family made living healthy easy – well easier than most people experience. But that does not mean I haven’t struggled with my own health issues!
In 2013, my life was flipped upside down when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I guess it’s a given when you struggle with an autoimmune disease, but I’ve certainly had my share of health problems – from serious gut health issues (bloating, indigestion, dysbiosis) to skin conditions like acne. Navigating health struggles can certainly be a bit of a rollercoaster. I believe my own experiences allow me to have empathy for any patients or individuals that I have the privilege of educating.
Ultimately, my health challenges and my upbringing gave me the motivation and passion to help others. In 2019, I graduated university with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Naturopathy. That same year I became co-director of Truly Heal, working alongside my beautiful parents.

Hi, I’m Adelle

Teacher & mentor, qualified nutritionist

Some of my very earliest memories are held with my beautiful grandmother in mind. She has always used fresh herbs for medicine, teas, vitamins, and homeopathics. Going to her home meant learning something new – always!

Since then, I have been interested in using food as medicine. My interest only grew stronger when I hit my own health crisis, which is often the way for those who pursue this path.
After I overcame a series of strange viruses, the catalyst for my bigger leap into holistic medicine was a breast lump I developed in my early 20’s. It was a frightening lightbulb moment that made me realise that my “burning the candle at both ends” lifestyle and living fast in the city had to end. It wasn’t what I was designed to do as a highly sensitive and empathetic person, it was completely destroying me.
Coming back to myself and exploring this childlike wonder of natural medicine changed everything for me. Slowing down allowed me to finally follow my heart and my passion, and learn more about how I can support others’ health through foundational, evidence-based holistic practices.
I learned that when you stop and truly listen and look for the signs, your path (although winding) will be clearer. I am so certain that I was meant to educate and pass on this knowledge that has been gifted to me through my life experience, my family, and through my study to become a qualified nutritionist (BHSc).
I want to enjoy life for all that it has to offer – and help others do the same. I know to do that, I must nurture and support my health as best that I can, for me! This is how I want to be a role model for my two beautiful children who are a huge part of my purpose. They are my why, and I want to support their growth, development, and emotional changes as best that I can.

I hope to inspire others to do just the same, no two health journeys look the same but it is so important to work out what is right for you. Holding that space is an honour.
I feel incredibly privileged to work alongside the Truly Heal team and to be trusted to support the students undertaking this life changing course. I find them inspiring and I am continually learning new and interesting things to further my own health and those that I support, both on their learning journey at Truly Heal and in my own clinical and public settings.

I am also constantly in awe of the students who have chosen this path, with their openness, honesty and vulnerability. I am forever grateful for all that they teach me and I am honestly just so amazed that I get this opportunity to help others grow their knowledge to support their health!

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